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  1. Discord: Fleshy Charple#9040 Steam: STEAM_0:0:605011801 CC: Vacation Charple (owned by me) changing: tfa_winchester73 to tfa_tec9
  2. discord: Fleshy Charple#9040 Steam: STEAM_0:0:605011801 CC: Vacation Charple (owned by me) changing weapon tfa_csgo_mac10 to tfa_winchester73 (10$)
  3. Discord username: Fleshy Charple#9040 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:605011801 CC name: Vacation charple (owned by me) adding 100 armor (20$)
  4. Lore Name: Flushy Rank: R SCP: 294 Question / Idea: Testing two new drinks called "warden" and "monkey" Background Research:Item SCP-294 appears to be a standard coffee vending machine, the only noticeable difference being an entry touchpad with buttons corresponding to an English QWERTY keyboard. Upon depositing fifty cents US currency into the coin slot, the user is prompted to enter the name of any liquid using the touchpad. Upon doing so, a standard 12-ounce paper drinking cup is placed and the liquid indicated is poured. Hypothesis: it will make the D class eithier die instantly or turn them into something. Observations (What Happened During Test): I put the first D class into 294's cc and instructed him to type in "monkey", upon doing so a cup was dispensed and 294 was making some weird noises before pouring a liquid which looked brownish/redish into the cup. The D class then took a sip of it turning him into a monkey, Immediantly after drinking it the D class began to cough up blood and his flesh started to come off, he died a minute after drinking it. The second drink was called "warden", the d class entered 294's cc and again i instructed him to type in "warden", upon doing so a cup got dispensed along with the liquid which was bright blue and looked as if it was glowing. The D class drank it and turned into a security warden and just like with the other D class began to lose his flesh and cough up blood, he died a minute later. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: The first D class after drinking "monkey" The second D class after drinking "warden" Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): i think the cause of these two drinks is that they were named after actual beings which causes them to become them. And ultimately kill them Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: I believe i was on the right lines so i will say yes my hypothesis was correct
  5. Lore Name: Flushy Rank: R SCP: 330 Question / Idea: if a D class with no hands takes out 3 candies with his mouth what would happen? Background Research:SCP-330 appears to be a small round stainless steel bowl filled with a variable amount of individually wrapped pieces of candy. Taped to the side of the bowl is a handwritten note, reading “take no more than two, please!!” Attempts to remove the note have met with failure, as have attempts to hide or obscure it. Testers have noted finding it impossible to avoid reading the note, and those who approach it from an opposite angle are aware of this request. Hypothesis: Some other anomalous thing might happen to his body?. Observations: I had put the D class in 330's CC, I had instructed the D class to take three candies with his mouth, at first he was confused wondering why he had to eat candies but did it anyway. After eating the three candies the D class' begun to be in alot of stress and moments later his foot started to detach, the D class was in great pain and was crawling about on the floor screaming for help. After 2 minutes after the initial eating of 330 had pasted the D class was still alive resulting in the guard to terminate him. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): The only explaination i have as to why this had happened was because if the subject doesnt have hands then it would move to another part of the body, this being the foot. Further testing to see if a D class without hands and legs can somehow change this and to what body part 330 takes off. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: I would say i was definetly correct about my Hypothesis.
  6. Ok i have changed them both, tell me if i picked another bad or not allowed weapon/model lol
  7. In-Game Name: Flushy SteamID:STEAM_0:0:605011801 Custom Job Branch: D class Custom Job Name: Vacation Charple Color of Job: 0, 255, 0 Job Description: Charple was on vacation when the foundation had took him. Now he wants revenge Model: Model Path: models/player/charple_vacation.mdl Weapons: Pistol- tfa_usp SMG- tfa_csgo_mac10 Also please tell me if i have made any mistakes
  8. Post name: New Sarkic Model What are you suggesting? - To add and replace the current Sarkic models How would this change better the server? - I think the model i have chosen will make sarkic look much better than the current models Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - no Who would this change mostly benefit? - Sarkic Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion -
  9. Lore Name: Fleshy Rank: AR SCP: 173 Question / Idea: can 3 very "strong" D class damage 173 Background Research: SCP-173 is to be kept in a locked container at all times. When personnel must enter SCP-173's container, no fewer than 3 may enter at any time and the door is to be relocked behind them. At all times, two persons must maintain direct eye contact with SCP-173 until all personnel have vacated and relocked the container. Hypothesis: The 3 D class will not do any damage to 173 and will be terminated. Observations : i told the 3 D class to enter 173's cc, I took off their cuffs and ran out of the cc before the door closed, i watched in the observation room as the 3 D class brutally beat up 173. The 3 D class were trying their hardest as i could see them sweating alot, as 173 wasnt doing anything i decided to the close the windows allowing 173 to move and attack, upon doing so one by one i heard the screams of the d class being quickly shut out by the sound of bones cracking and snapping. After a minute had passed with absolute silence I decided to open the window barriers up and upon discovery the 3 D class bodies were laying right beside 173 with their heads snapped all the way back, It was a eerie sight to see. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: the 3 D class staring at 173 before the attack: The 3 D class attacking 173: Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): This happened because 173 had less than 3 people looking at him meaning he could move from time to time causing the death of the D class. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Yes