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  1. Alexx i got plat in ow2!!!!
  2. cya dors startstep
  3. the goat. ill see you on the rift!
  4. yes, always im going pro just watch!!
  5. uh bye ig. I got a life now so I don't got time. Tryin a get into a good university. I'm too lazy to write an essay about everything I dislike or like. I had the most fun in CI and will always love em. Pills and Cecil gotta carry CI so goodluck! List of the real one's: Bop, Cosmic, Cecil, Alexx, Pills, Blue, Eyelander, Dick Grayson, Ruz, Funk, Gar, Scooty, Tydrixx. I probably forgot a couple of ppl but yk who you are. You wont see me on the server for a while or maybe ever again.
  6. Still remember when you inducted me into e4 when I was a PD. It was fun while it lasted. Goodluck in collage in that double major!
  7. sucks at league of legends tbh
  8. Name: Cyclone Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:103955248 Rank in Event Team: ett Date of Joining Event Team: 9/5/22 Date since last promotion: 9/5/22
  9. erm.... you never went over with with CI HCMD +support bizon sucks
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