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  1. Sadly, I have decided to resign from my position of Medical Commander. It has almost been a year since I first joined this server as well as joining Medical Corps and it's very sad that I have to go but I hope I can come back one day and be active. I will not be leaving the server I am just resigning from the rank of Commander as do not have enough time on my hands to be an active Command Member. The cause for is that I have a lot of personal events and issues going on that will cause me to lose a lot of my activity. Just a couple friends I want to say thank you to. Hex, Razer, Fail, Bub - Thank you all so much for helping out medical as Vice Commanders in rough times and help keeping it afloat Hex - You're one of friendliest people and up going people I have ever met, never put yourself down you always do your best. Neo - Thank you for getting me into medical. Grizzly - Thank you for being an amazing friend and encouraging me to join Medical. Spoons - Thanks for being a cool researcher Keegan - Even though we have our different opinions on stuff you were still an amazing commander and thought me a lot. Pie, Paprika, Sharky, Rex and Flutters - Thank you for being amazing officers. Apple - Funny Man, Love your Bird HC - Thank you guys for letting me be a Medical Commander. Medical Corps - Thank you guys for being an amazing Battalion
  2. - Support - Applicaiton is Okay - Not Active on Forums (Only 43 Posts) + Does have past Admin Experience
  3. + Support + Amazing Application + Has Former Staff Experience as a Senior Admin + Very Active on Forums + Knows what he is doing
  4. + Support + Great Application + Has been in the community for quite some time now + Quite active on forums +/- Has a little under a month in staff
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