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  1. A strong candidate for the position who has the work ethic and the dedication to the Naval branch required. Should definitely be considered for the position.
  2. +Support One of the best current Command members on the server. I remember when you joined Medical and quickly became the best performing officer. As an AHC at the time of this, I was fully prepared to fight for you to receive such a position. It was sad when you left to DT, but I am happy to see how far you have come and the things you have done. You have maintained a great activity and reputation within the server, and I would be excited to see what you do with this position if you were to obtain it.
  3. Ages ago, I remember selecting you as a Ground Command for an event, which I believe was your first time being GC. It was always the thing amongst High Command that having a typer GCs usually don't go the best, or have difficulties in communication or keeping everyone together (so imagine my reaction when I learned you were a typer!). You did well in dissuading my concerns, performing well as a GC in keeping people in line. After some time you climbed up the ranks and become a VCMDR. In your time there, you maintained good activity and were never under review by the HC of the time. After leaving Shock on a good note, you continued to perform well in RG, and since this return to Shock you have once again done extremely well. Continuing surpassing expectations. It has been noticed by many, and I pray AHC has noticed as well and select you for this position.
  4. Crunch has repeatedly shown an ability to be open, unbiased, and think before acting in every situation thrown his way, and has done extremely well in all other aspects of command as Ducks states here. He has worked hard across many months improving DT as a whole, and has helped forge two great VCMDRs under him. Crunch is beyond ready for the position of Fleet Admiral, in which he can continue to use these skills to improve Naval as a whole.
  5. Scrubby was a pleasure to play with in Havoc and a pleasure to interact with now. He has a stable activity and a good attitude in-game which is so important in Shock, as it makes him approachable when issues arise with abuse of power, etc. which is something that is unavoidable in police jobs in GMOD. Good luck Scrubby.
  6. +Support for stated reasons. I think you would make a decent Vice Marshall with time and effort. Try to put out some more SIMs and improve your app a bit, it will be noticed.
  7. +Support Has the experience and knows what it takes to be Admiral Decent app Could have logged some SIMs Recently came out of reserves, but is one of the best fits for position at this time
  8. Just came out of reserves after about a month of no time in-game No logged SIMs after coming out of reserves Applied for another position as well (As far as I am aware, HC permitted this. However, having multiple active applications detracts from each other. It makes it look as if you are solely trying to get a higher rank wherever you can get it.) From what I've heard, decent guy Overall -Support. I would prefer you only have one active application and spend a bit more time being active on the server before applying for a High Command position that requires good, active communication with all Naval battalions, as well as a stable relationship with IQ and Army as well.
  9. - Support I know nothing about you, but this application gives off the vibe that it took a few minutes to write. If you can't put in the effort to make a substantial application, then you shouldn't become an Officer.
  10. +Support can bring great things to Shock, and I would know: I'm a Shock PVT.
  11. Change the link to your addon to this if this is the addon you mean: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1270871525 also change the model path if applicable. Furthermore, keep in mind that unless you get this job linked to SF, you shouldn't be putting your SF ranks in your name when on the job or doing SF actions like tryouts on this job. If you want to get it linked to SF, contact SF Command to get their approval, then contact Naval High Command to get theirs as well. They will need to post their approval on this post. Also unless you mean to be using the non-TFA versions of the weapons, I would HIGHLY recommend changing the weapons to the TFA version. The ones you have listed here are not the ones you are used to playing with on the server.
  12. This one can be closed as he has made a new post @Snarlax
  13. Has a few recent warns but not a big deal to be honest, they seem like harmless ones.
  14. MASSIVE NEGATIVE SUPPORT This comment alone is enough for me to -Support you. Regardless of what Manjini said being true or not, you should not retaliate in such a way, which is a very important part of being a Command Member, not to mention how arguing in the comments in your application is grounds for denial. It is incredibly rude and dismissive to attempt to eliminate that validity of someone's point because they are an "EX-MARSHALL". Now, if you take issue with what Manjini said, I will now prove each of Manjini's points in detail. This application is poor in several regards. Firstly, you are missing the private poll, which is grounds for denial. Secondly, for your answer to the purpose of a Command Member, you just talk about "the team" and not delve into any specifics, which to me shows a shallow understanding of the answer to the question. The Battlemetrics shown here are pretty poor: https://www.battlemetrics.com/players/1024426651 Now typically this can be excused if you are using the time well, but that is clearly not the case: the last time you did a Simulation according to the SF roster was on 3/29/2022. Since that point you have only done a few tryouts, which should primarily be the job of the NCOs. If you can't manage to do and log a sim in that time, I am surprised that you have not been striked or demoted. This is of course a personal opinion, but I do agree as there are several other candidates with superior applications, more activity, and prior experience. In summary, this should be an automatic denial due to a) Missing poll and b) Immature, argumentative replies.
  15. I have nothing but good interactions with Pie, would definitely be a good fit.
  16. + Support Well-rounded with experience from other battalions This will enable an ability to work with them Activity from Battlemetrics linked isn't particularly impressive, but Paprika chose to link it which shows an openness, and does acknowledge a willingness to take LOAs/ROAs when needed, which is incredibly important rather than just disappearing without putting one in. And given the reasonable promise of improved activity I think this will not be an issue anymore, as Paprika has been shown to hold his word in the past. Experience with leadership from GM team Has been in Medical quite some time and has been consistent with one exception of a strike recently Can host pretty unique simulations
  17. I think you could also use more experience as an Officer before becoming a command member.
  18. @NimoYou see this?? I will spare you if you remove my forums warning!
  19. I am screenshotting it rn
  20. @Ruxtry this one: /setmoney Frog 1
  21. You should amend your application as this is not true; when you were in Medical originally under me you did receive a strike and some demotions from me. Furthermore, I do expect an application to be written better, as this has many spelling errors, grammatical errors, and formatting issues in it that could make it difficult to read for some. Regarding you being ready for Medical Vice Commander: You are very good at pumping out many tryout advertisements, and hosting many simulations, but that does not comprise a Command Member. I have not seen in you the maturity required or the ability from you to work upon your own. For both your NCO and Officer applications you came to me for assistance, which I provided you for the NCO one due to feeling apologetic for my previous punishments of you. However, with the Officer application you repeatedly insisted on me reviewing it for you despite saying 6 times that I would not do so as you need more independence to be able to succeed. There are also some things regarding being an Officer and potential Command member that you still need to learn, such as how to handle punishing others with the power bestowed upon you. Not too long ago you wanted to strike a member of Medical for this response to a ping you did. The fact that as a VCMDR this would have just been a strike with no supervision is extremely concerning to me. With all this said, my main concern for you is an ability to manage a battalion, as I have not seen the maturity for that from you yet. I do not find that this is the right time for you, as I believe you need to work on these issues still. - Support. Needs more time and experience
  22. ISD Research Log - 4/29/2022 Lead Researcher: R MC LTCOL Keegan 4571 Assistants: 69th PFC Memorable 2724 & 69th TRN Sauce 2468 Test Subjects: ST PVT Otto von Bismarck 3663 & 501st 1LT Axolotl 4651 (Unredacted Summary available upon request by Medical CL3+. Highlight text to read it!) Subject Documentation: 501st 1LT Axolotl 4651 Standard Build for a 501st Trooper. Waiver: ST PVT Otto von Bismarck 3663 Standard Build for a Stormtrooper. Waiver: Topic of Research: Bodily Augmentation Bodily Augmentation Category: Nervous System Title of Experiment: Brain Replacement Trials - Preliminary Testing Round: Round 1 (Preliminary) Thesis: The replacement of a humanoid brain is possible and can allow for augmented bodily ability. Procedure: Upon receiving two able-bodied volunteers from the crew of the ship, ST PVT Otto von Bismarck 3663 & 501st 1LT Axolotl 4651, I was able to invite them to the back of the Medical Bay and provide them with a glass of water, one which I knew would likely be their last. I was able to obtain two Research Assistants, Private First Class Memorable & Trainee Sauce. With their help, I was able to get the proper documentation of the waiving of rights of the subjects, and thereafter place them under anesthesia. After placing them under anesthesia, I was able to explain the plan to my associates. "As the troopers around this ship are pretty stupid, we will be replacing their brains with that of those big-headed fucks, the Bith. They're the same species as those Jedi we always have to kill. Hopefully this will make them smarter," I said. I had obtained two Bith brains from DT Command after a raid on a village some months ago. After the explanation of this, I directed my associates to provide the subjects with three times the standard dosage of morphine. Upon being asked what the standard dose was, I informed them it was one pound of morphine. So, three pounds of morphine into their veins after some small complications, and with Sauce even joking that this was "replacing all the blood in their bodies with morphine." After they had this to help prevent any instances of the subjects waking mid-operation, we removed the skull-caps, and surgically removed the brains of the subjects, storing them for later experiments in this study. I revealed the Bith brains, and after some measurements determined they were too large to fit in the small skulls of my subjects. Surgically, we cut pieces of brain matter off to make them fit, then placed these brains into their skulls. We placed our subjects in their uniforms before waking them, some old gear we had laying around with protective helmets for their exposed brains. They looked something like this: After this, I informed my colleagues that the damage we had done to the brains was in the frontal lobe, and would likely lead to memory problems, impaired problem solving, and more. It was at this point that I made the decision to terminate the patients. We awoke the subjects and learned that their vocabulary had also shrunk from what was essentially a lobotomy, down to these words: Mean, Shy, College, Classroom, Penalty, Reward, Recover, Assumption, Firefighter, Primary, State, Coin, Conference We took the experiments and we able to convince them to follow via hand gestures and beckoning calls, similar to how I used to call local wildlife on my home planet. We took them across the ship, eventually leading them to the moonpool. We beckoned them onto the platform, and I repeatedly said "Reward" to the subjects while pointing to the ground to make them think they were getting something as we tied them to the platform. As the moonpool opened, and the ropes broke holding down the subjects, one yelped in fear as the other went down silently, their brain capacity too limited to understand the situation. Unfortunately for my colleagues, they too fell into the moonpool, slipping in while looking down. My two assistants, and two other Medical Personnel who came to watch upon my request, perished this way. Very unfortunate, but all for the Empire. Results: Success. For a preliminary investigation into the possibility of brain transplants, I was able to determine that it is possible to transplant the brain, and I am very excited to find approval and funding for continued experimentation with replacement brains that are potentially from deceased Imperial Officers, to perhaps regain some of their knowledge and expertise in exchange for losing a grunt or two. Expenses: No credits, two stored Bith brains, one Stormtrooper enlisted, one 501st Officer, and four Medical Personnel. Mentions: @[email protected]@Bear_RP!
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