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  1. something happened to the server so all of the bands were removed I don't know why or what reason but when I rejoined Kenny came up and said hey weren't you blacklisted and I honestly said yes so he reblacklisted me I don't remember the reason because it was 2 freaking years ago
  2. I don't even know how to DDOS do you have to download some sort of program? PS don't tell me if you told me it would be pretty sketchy for me to come back
  3. here is all of the steam ID crap (also yeah that is me) steamID STEAM_1:0:120093100 steamID3 [U:1:240186200] steamID64 76561198200451928 profile profile state public
  4. team Name: US Ingame Name: sirjimdude77 SteamID: STEAM_1:0:120093100 Ban Length: prma Admin that Banned you: do not know Reason for Ban: do not know Dispute: I attempted to join the military RP but I received a message saying that I was banned but it did not say the reason all it said was you have been banned from this server if I can't be umban for whatever reason I was banned for can I at least be told why I was banned thank you