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  1. 1. What's your in-game name? Tank MSGT Name TT2715 2. What is your SteamID as shown on roster? (STEAM_ format, not the one with all numbers) STEAM_0:0:218861100 3. How long have you been on the server? nearly two years, or on battlemetrics it says 4,428:56 hours 4. How many warns on Gaminglight servers do you have? 0 5. Why do you want to be an Officer? I really do enjoy my time as an active NCO In the sub battalion of Tank Troopers, giving it my all every time I jump on job or get on my PC, I always make sure I am constantly checking forums, discord, to support my commanding officers and answer any general questions. I hope to assist Deer and future command to build a stronger team of NCO's and Enlisted. I can also be online at odd time as well as active times due to my time zone, so I can really see any problems that occur that any given point and if I do miss them, I make sure that it comes to me VIA Discord or through TS. I want to become an officer because I know what it means to be an officer, i want to walk through the ISD with my troopers and for everyone to say and see what a great sub branch has bloomed from the storm trooper unit. This can be achieved by heavy training and simulations and communication between all and every member of the Tank Trooper Core 6. What time zone are you in? AEST ( Australian Timezone ) 7. What can you do to improve the battalion? I can Improve the battalion through communication, trainings and simulations, training and working with people everyday to gain confidence, knowledge and experience and i can show them that and teach them that as a previous member of HC as a Representative i can mentor people, and through that i am willing to take away my time to bring new people to the battalion and watch them grow 8. How do you differ from other applicants? With my Experience as High Inquisitor, The Grand Inquisitor, Sovereign protector and of course many other officer and command positions i can say i am heavily trusted and know what it means to be an officer in a battalion, to be a leader and someone to look up to and respect. I know that i can do alot more as an officer that i cannot do as an NCO and with trusting me with this position i can bring stronger members to our new sub battalion. You need to know how to lead and control people without lashing out, knowing that your always on stage and that everyone can see you, which is where i believe i am stronger in, knowing self control and knowing what the given outcome is in every situation. I believe through my training and experience i can hold my own, without going to command or anyone about a situation because i have the knowledge to know how to handle it Therefore I take the responsibility of an NCO very seriously, i joke around and have some laughs but stand out whenever needed to, i make sure whenever there is an opportunity to be better and show how much of a leader i am i take it, i always ask to be ground command at every mission i attend to just be able to show my capabilities and set an example as an NCO. I push above and beyond every week to get the highest loggings for out NCO core to show its integrity and strength and always keep our troopers active and moving with patrols, trainings and simulations Thank You For Reading My Application
  2. +Support I have had many interactions with Ricky and i believe he has what it takes to be an officer within shock. This app is decent but could cover alot more around leadership and responsibilities, i feel as if your activity and responsibility within shock will help you reach the rank of 2LT, Goodluck
  3. It was fun man, thank you for your work
  4. +Support - Good application - Well detailed - Good leadership skills - Knows what is required as an Officer - Goodluck
  5. - Also Extended his app which is another +Support
  6. Thank you for your work, you will be missed
  7. Welcome to the Community!
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