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  1. The ban system occasionally does that due to how ban updates are handled. Additionally, if you will check the one marked as permanent, you will see that it states it was updated on behalf of Chinesman (who issued the original hacking ban) This will be my final reply regarding this matter as I don't want to devolve into arguing but this is a bad attitude to have. You did not "lose" what you had, you were banned because of your own actions. This is not a matter of a mishap but instead an action you took. I understand you are young but taking full accountability for what you did, not leaving out severe details (such as hacking on the server), is the route to forgiveness. You can say sorry all you want but that alone doesn't show change when you don't give the full situation.
  2. For context: Gamma was a member of research who I found it fit to place on DNP and informed him of such. I do not remember the situation prior to this. He then made dox threats (a response I found to be wildly disproportionate to the 3 day punishment he was placed under) which lead to him saying something along the lines of "I COULD dox you" which, even if he did not directly say he would, definitely implies it, leading to a blacklist from Research and a ban from the Discord and I believe a temporary ban from in game. It seems he was then also caught aimbotting as shown here https://tools.gaminglight.com/profile/76561199013684864. His ban date appears to be 5/23/22, not a year, kinda nitpicky but important to point out. -Support since he appears to be trying to downplay the situation. I believe he is sorry he got caught, not for his actions.
  3. Normally staff members have no reason to condone personal contact and without further proof I believe this holds true here. You don’t have evidence that Prox was the only staff member online who could’ve handled this sit. Prox’s only proven fault here is he should claim sits, even if they’re “mingy,” to clear them up quickly. Regarding the question about your previous warn, his response of “it’s in the MOTD” and “Make an appeal” is all he really has to give you. I understand your frustration with this but if you check the MOTD and it’s not there, that would be a super easy warn appeal. Truly false warnings don’t typically stick upon appeal. Overall, staff are only human and I myself would not be exactly pleased at getting bombarded with 3-5 dms every minute when I gave a response which the person did not bother look into. Overall, -support though Prox should be reinstructed on “not taking reports from minges”.
  4. If you mean that they’d get a warning on top of the automatic ban received for typing slurs, I’d agree with that. Voice moderation, however, is unlikely and would require constant moderation of everyone’s voice input which sounds like a nightmare knowing GMOD.
  5. There’s no real need to “emphasize” a rule, if it’s in there you may report for it. HOWEVER, staff have discretion over all cases and will make the final call. This is a semi-serious RP server so these cases may not always be seen as serious offenses.
  6. RDM and sexualization of a minor are separate and incomparable evils. People have attempted to ERP with almost every SCP on the server (trust me, in research you see your fair share of it.) Imagine the type of reputation the community would get if people’s first impression of the server was that there were people erping with a child. Not at all a good look -Support
  7. Why don't you want that? +Support, I wish to get taunted endlessly by Ozzie -Support, would make much more sense to go to security than anything
  8. One of the best CMD I could have asked for, best of luck wherever you head Domz!
  9. -Support I hate Ayaya! (+support)
  10. As Sav's slave video creator, this will be done asap
  11. At Least It Was Here. https://youtu.be/gXxcgbbneR0
  12. Django, you are awesome, the amount of work you’ve put in is astonishing. Get going to the retirement home, gramps.
  13. Finally, we got the Brit out! Dump the tea!
  14. Like going into the area where you can kill them? That would lead to a shit load of failrp. Unless I'm misinterpreting this, -support
  15. -Support The MOTD is not all encompassing, Piller’s interpretation is correct. Other people saying otherwise doesn’t change that.
  16. Don't even think about coming back after this one. You're banned.
  17. Accepted, contact an FTO for your training!
  18. This could be cool to look at but at the same time this would majorly affect dclass. They’d need to be buffed in some form to keep it fair because otherwise there’s no way they hide their guns effectively and they will be killed quickly
  19. -Support Dclass don't need access to both medkits and armor kits
  20. Staff can use their discretion on this, which I would definitely recommend for a newer player on security making what appears to be a genuine mistake. This does not have to be a rule, however.
  21. Wake up babe, new Catalyst lore just dr- nvm babe, go back to bed, it’s nothing, no content to read I promise please go back to sleep
  22. Do not assign for grading, if you do I will be stealing your femur. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1V2pVE3PeT1pVsrJRzLEqwfHaGuBgjMSIiS3dkzvPGeg/edit?usp=sharing
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