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  1. Thank you for your service to the branch and everything you did, was always fun to hang out with you will surly be missed.
  2. Yea rather if its a first warn or not based of the information spixe said I agree with the action taken -SUPPORT
  3. It was a pleasure having you around thank you for giving Nu7 so much of your time, You'll be missed
  4. Yea I don't mean to quote band wagon but I really do agree with what fizzy said, 3 or so months is not that long and to think your whole personality changed in that long is pretty unlikely. And you had a lot of attitude issues and just caused so many problems with many individuals and not to mention the absolute horrendous things I've seen posted I just have to say -SUPPORT
  5. +SUPPORT ive never really had a bad interaction with and the questions are pretty decent I'll give you a shot.
  6. Man bill murray really did go sicko mode
  7. So the new map has been out for about a week and I am curious on how everyone feels about it. And what do y'all like the most/ dislike the most, if you could change one thing about it what would it be?
  8. I am pretty sure that cant be done because the map was made with a layer of water then land added on top, and you can just disable water reflection in your gmod settings. -SUPPORT
  9. I have personally never seen/ interacted with you but I'm just gonna assume it's just because your timezone is gmt. The responses you gave to the questions seem good to me so I would be willing to give you a shot at staff. +SUPPORT
  10. Yea unfortunately I agree with nyde here, my best advice is just wait awhile and try to build up your reputation and rebuild your image -SUPPORT
  11. Giga is a incredible staff member and has done nothing but prove that he is trustworthy and can handle himself with position of power. So I absolutely trust he will do great in ET, also the event idea sounds interesting so MASSIVE +SUPPORT
  12. yea ozzie made the right call here mate
  13. -SUPPORT You have received 6 warns in the past 30 days and to me that shows you don't really care much about the rules of the server considering several of them are for the same infraction, while I personally haven't interacted with you that much to judge your character I can't recommend someone with such blatant disregard of the motd. Personally I would like for you try again after a while and prove that you can follow the motd rules and that you could be trusted.
  14. I remember I made this exact suggestion back when rang was around I believe and it got denied because it was deemed uneeded so this will most likely get denied, but still +SUPPORT from me
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