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  1. Corky

    Black water Agency

    @Litegot a new link?
  2. How tf you get the link before anyone
  3. He shouldn't be posting that, I found some more information regarding the issue - Two discords got deleted. SCPRP and PRP, they are currently rebuilding the discords and the SCPRP one is up
  4. What happened to all the discords?
  5. Your name: Corky Your Discord ID name (EX: Igneous#3706): Corky#9694 Your Discord ID code (EX: 204661777512923136): 399900303211626506 Which discord server were you banned on? Main What was the reason for your ban (if you know it)? Account got hacked I think? Why do you deserve to be unbanned? I didn't do anything wrong.
  6. Im starting to downsize from the community and have some IRL things starting up, ill still be here just in PD/SCU/Crim however
  7. Corky

    Corky - LOA

    Going on LOA for a bit due to some IRL things, see you in a week! Start : 9/17/21 End : 9/24/21
  8. In my opinion this is almost grounds for removal because he clearly said that he knows. This isn't something that is taken lightly because he clearly knows what he is doing wrong.
  9. I've also had some run ins in the past with them
  10. Corky

    Mar's COL app

    -Support. Mar, you're a good guy, even greater command member but I just don't see you active anymore on the server. Especially not with PD.
  11. -Support You kinda bruh momented yourself. If you left the game because you didn't want to play anymore that is LTARP. Just as you're being arrested and whatnot just watch a youtube video man. Its not worth the permanent warn
  12. +Support for everything With everything it is all a great concept. A new AFK Class for those that are LVL 75 would be awesome, it would be a further reason to AFK on the server. Secondly, the fuel system being increased by 1.5 or even less IMO would be another great thing for RP. The birthday system is also a good idea but people could exploit and I think that if it were accepted SMT would have to explore ways to stop that from happening. Third, the GPhone. That is an awesome concept, being able to do everything you would with a second screen IRL in game with a phone would be great. I think that it could cause a tiny amount of frame drop but nothing that we could be concerned about. Fourth, the tool gun light feature. Good concept however I would say limit to 1 or 2 lights, not 5. In a normal base there are not to many rooms and I think that if there were 5 it would a possibility to crash the server. The NPC Quest system is an awesome system and I think that it could be done with no added content but I'm not sure.
  13. -Support What you just described is the definition of FearRP. However is someone does indeed surrender and then the officer moves in for cuffs and they unsurrender, that is FailRP because in the MOTD it says that if they move in for cuffs and you cannot attempt to further evade that officer. I see what you are saying about having a 1 on 1 FearRP system where an officer can put you under FearRP and the only way to get out of that system would be hiding behind a car to pull out a gun however I think in the end it would be a negative rule.
  14. He totally didn't gas the state bas with me perma jailed in it...... for 8 minutes..... then jailed me with the DOC system..... twice.....for max time..... I need help.
  15. -Support, reasons above man. if he's on the staff job he can demote you off of the job. Now if he was on PD Job, that would be a different story but not by much.
  16. Follow the format that is listed in the section you posted this from
  17. -Support In this clip you clearly didn't have value for your life because you started backing up when he was mugging you. If he is mugging you, you need to drop the money or have one of your friends immediately try to kill him. With you backing up he could've killed you because you were trying to get away from being mugged. To me it looks like you were doing so because your family was there and you didn't want to lose 5k so you stalled long enough to get your family to kill him.
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