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  1. owned what are u talking about what does the pfp have to do with my unban request
  2. Am sorry for putting 2 years that is my fault am sorry
  3. Steam Name: gangster jesus SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199043445537/ Ingame Name: gangster jesus Ban Length: perma Admin that Banned you: Phill Reason for Ban: racism Dispute: so i think i should get unbanned because its been a while since i have been playing u know and i do regret being dumb since this happend almost 1 year a go and i matured and accept my ban but its been a while so i do think i should be given another chances because i love the community and the people and i want to say sorry to the ones i have hurt any way.
  4. i know it was not a good word but i never meaned it like that i know what i have done and am sorry its like something u can't change am really sad how u can get ban with two words and i never want it this wel am still sorry even if i get accepted or denied =(
  5. gangster jesus


    1. Steam Name: gangster jesus 2. In game Name: gangster jesus 3. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:541589904 4. Have you donated to the server? no 5. Staff Restriction Length: perma 6. Staff Member that Staff Restricted you: the plague docter 7. Reason for Staff Restriction: racist 8. Why do you think that your Staff Restriction should be removed? (longer the better): wel i was playing on the server i typed nilla niffa and i never set the n word i never ever set it i never want it to say it idk why he ban me he did muted me i did understand why but not a perma well am sorry i never was trying to get myself ban i nevr did it i was having fun as a d block =)
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