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  1. Yogurt

    warn appeal

    1. there was a lot of people in mhb definitely alot of ST which you tend to abuze you power on 2. what do you mean !warning command 3. and this warning was one sided you should of made a sit 4. all I want is a fair trial
  2. Yogurt

    warn appeal

    to fix this up It was my first warning of the day ! I had just got on and saw we were loading up in a vtol been month since ive played btw. and how the fuck would I know if there was a sit I just know you dragged me and gave me a warning it like 10 seconds. I had told you that I couldn't hear you trying to warn me due to many people talking on top of that you did treat me like shit not stern not in a way a higher up admin should so don't play the victim card.
  3. Yogurt

    warn appeal

    1. Questions why did I get a sit like it was candy is it because I was a ST because ive notice admin tend to be rude to ST 2. Your In-game: ST PVT Yogurt 5667 3. Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:106402453 4. The admin's name in-game: ISB Colonel Vette 5. The admin's steam name (If you know it):zackisback47 6. What warning did you receive:Failrp 7. Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED):medal was not working at the time but if you asked him he would say it happened and you can see the sit and who took it 8. Why do you think this warn was false: I think it was false because I jumped it the VTOL to get to the place that we were transporting too but some how it put me in the driver seat. In his favor I did hit r witched had started it but I jumped out. he also took his own sit. 9. Any extra information: after that happened he brought me to the hull of the ship said I warn you to get out the ship or your getting warned for fail rp. I had told him that I couldn't hear him because there was a lot of people talking before I could say that I jumped out and it was my bad he gave me a warning on his own sit. then he tp away. extra info, the sit was only like 5 second and he was verry rude to me and treated me like trash and made me feel like trash. !!I was just coming back to play again and been in the server till next summer like it dis this year!!
  4. +Support Pros: Good application Experienced Great guy
  5. +Support -Has work hard in TIE defender "did most of the docs" -Great rep -been here for a while
  6. -support -Put -support on all VM APPs then deleted it -Bad comms -Inactive -Uses his powers to take people Tryouts -Not good fit for VM
  7. +Support -Hard worker -Active -dedicated