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  1. phrog


    i eat them with the dirt
  2. i love sniffing glue +support, while he do be kinda slow sometimes. he's shown signs that he has changed, although if this happens to get accepted, i suggest the same treatment diz got ( permanent 2 strikes for a month or 2).
  3. i wanna be able to drive golf carts around the site
  4. -support too many warns!!! +support, chill dude
  5. -support, as one of the "poor people" in the server ion wanna waste 50k per ammo buy, feels kinda goofy ahh
  6. -support, very inactive I LOVE WANDERER + SUPPORT
  7. can't open the doc, need to request access, might be privated
  8. I LOVE BLUE LEAN +support cause i can touch my toes
  9. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Xk8gPTcm2mkll3r9ynR4QgCl6bTu9T3RsnkJTCKVcQc/edit
  10. "-supoort due to negativ events" - +support good admin
  11. Look i knew this was coming, in fact i’ve been doing this basically my whole time in GL, one resignation after another. But I promise, this will be my final one. Mainly to say, the people who helped me get into the server in the first place have gone away, and as they go, must everyone at some point. This has been an amazing community and it will always be in my mind. I've met some good people who I consider to be my friends. I wanna thank everyone who interacted with me on a positive or on a negative note, and know that I wish you well on your future endeavors. Honorable mentions: Rats: Me hoping you would return was one of the big reasons I stayed on the server for so long. Lee: You probably won’t see this but thanks for keeping CI fun during off hours. Wagner: Same with you, I’ve never had a bad experience near you. Spy: The nicest person on the server.(Tell me your secret) Plantbruh: As much as we joke around, you deserve site admin, and I hope you get it someday. Yato :Although we didn’t talk much, you still had a positive impact on me. J3fff: Voice of an angel. Goodman: If you see this, Wake up… It’s time fo school. Shadow/Pathos: Don’t do school, stay in drugs, and thank you for everything. Alright, it’s time to wrap things up. As all things must come to an end, so does my story in gaminglight. Thank you all, and farewell.
  12. Name: phrog Rank: m Activity (1-10): 6, focusing ci Why should you keep your rank (SM+): i am medic Any Notes: toes
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