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  1. name:phrog rank:ett steamid: STEAM_0:0:168943865 note: i was planning on lasting longer this time, but i knew that i'd end up doing this before i started school.
  2. ok so since school is starting back up and i almost didnt pass last year i will be leaving this community, bye losers honorable mentions me: damn... been a trip fr ill miss you shadow: naw u fr a real one, pikachu/zack wilson/zach wilson/alex donwood/pikanard: you have dissociative identity disorder scortched: you take a lot of shit for no reason, and you never let it get to your head, you deserve hcmd d5: be more active ok bye. been a fun trip, sad it didn't last as long this time.
  3. you wont take my vector from my hands >:L troppus+ anyway
  4. phrog

    phrogs loa

    ROA or LOA: LOA Name: phrog Rank: ett Start Date: 08/30/2022 End Date: 09/20/2022 Reason: gmod mad boring af lately + wanna play games coming out
  5. -3/laptop running windows vista
  6. +support & <- also that if possible ( for rnd)
  7. -support keeps hopping on admin job whenever im on the et job trying to build something for events, each time i hop off the et job, he magically also wants to play some job else, and when i get back on the et job, he also magically now wants to be on the staff job. he also did the same thing yesterday. also this
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