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  1. - Support - you just resigned from 501st - your warns are quite appalling - you are woefully inexperienced I don't dislike you Biggy, I just think you aren't in a position to take any form of Command
  2. Shortly after departing Nova Command you mass RDM'd them and got yourself DNT'd. You ask someone about Galaxy who wasn't Low Command during your time as Nova Vice and no one has a clue who you are. Your lack of accomplishment compared to other applicants speaks for itself. - Support
  3. Nebel was a huge help in me becoming the person I am today and reaching the point in my GL career I currently find myself at. I think he'd make a stellar Pyke Syndicate leader, especially with his background in AHC
  4. Additionally, 501st does not do NCO applications and you are not a member of the 501st. You are also on a 1 month DNT for leaving and joining too often.
  5. +Support Mayluron has been here a while Good application Dedicated member
  6. I think there are better candidates at this time. - Support
  7. Cant make this all fancy like but + MASSIVE SUPPORT In my tenure as low command Suns was by far my best overseer. He takes a hands on approach to things, something I wish more HC would. He’s very involved and never makes you feel alone in anything or like HC is working against you. Hes an outgoing kind hearted guy. I think he’d excel as High General!
  8. Benjacobs is alive and well!
  9. another one of my blueberry children leaves me
  10. Please be sure to follow this format and edit your post accordingly! ~ Forums Diplomats
  11. I believe you should add back !unbox trading. Without it, it's useless and pointless to allow people to have multiples of the same permanent weapon. I myself have about 10 permanent pistols I bought for activity prizes as an alternative to GC and now I am just ... stuck with them. Add it back!
  12. I don't mean just stats or the best one. I mean your favorite, including looks, sounds and so on. Personally? It's a tie for me between the Westar M5 and the Dual Defenders
  13. can I have your perma pistols
  14. NO!!! I will miss you so much man. Literally one of the best friends I've ever made on Imperial. You'll always hold a special place in my heart and are always welcome to hang out. (So now we get more time for rust xx)
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