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  1. i believe you guys are begin too harsh but i truly have changed and matured and am not like my old self and wish you guys would understand that but i also understand why you guys believe ive gotten more than enough times to prove myself but this time i really have changed
  2. 1. Steam Name: jlattal is my display and lattal18 is my username 2. Ingame Name: Wocky 3. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:580943921 4. Ban Length: permanent 5. Admin that Banned you: it doesnt say who banned me. 6. Reason for Ban: Mass racism NCWS LTAP KTAP NITRP 7. Dispute: first of all i would like to apologize i know i have been foolish and immature but since then ive grown up ive gotten a job and alot of stuff has happened and im not like my old self. and i also think this ban in kinda unfair. the mass racism was from a song i played while i was hot mic'ing and i never ltap'd i think that admin had no clue what was going on especially because he didnt put his name on the ban and that was the first time i nitrp of that day and i have no clue what NCWS means so im not sure what to apologize for but again i have changed and i would like one more chance to redeem myself and join back on the server because i truly do miss it aswell as the community of gl. please dont ignore this and please take this into consideration, -wocky
  3. he fr deserves this position in shock. for the time ive been on the server hes funny nice and takes his job seriously and is over all a great leader to his NCO and enlisted. GL!!
  4. + Mega support! +Leadership +very Active +hard working +Great Gladius Overseer +Solve poeple promblen really helpful for SF +best choice to pick her as Marshal
  5. + -Storm is kind and determined for shock -evertime i log on he is doing his duites if its guarding a post or leading his enlisted and stopping minges and what not - he was previously a shock officer and i know he will be the best officer we can see him as -overall he deserves this positon and will make a great officer Good luck!!!!
  6. +support -great NCO with high time on the job -fun to be around and a great person -high amount of trainings in a short amount of time -reliable and a good canidite for officer -overal he deserves this position more than anyone!
  7. What is your name? Wocky What is your rank? EP /SRV How long have you been a NCO? I have been an NCO for about 1 month and 3 days What rank are you applying for? FL (Flight Lieutenant) How many strikes do you have? I have 0 strikes Why should we trust you with an Officer rank? I will not lie, when I joined the server I was a bit mingy and idiotic, but I kept playing and I joined SF and immediately got addicted to the server and ever since then I have been nice and respectful to other people on this server. I too believe I am right for the officer position because I am consistent with my job and my activity is good but I'm going to improve it, I will also be a good leader to enlisted and NCO and will host more tryouts and sims. I am also reliable and have no issues to other SF. I am kind and respective to my higher ups and will do anything they ask me to do. If you ask anyone you may hear I'm kind, serious, and devoted. I know what I can and cant but that wont stop me from learning from my mistakes and becoming a better person. What can you do to assist command with this rank? To assist command I can help them do tasks and make their job easier. I will also make a nice welcome to new enlisted and NCO. I will always assure my SF will be happy and feel they can act themselves in an appropriate manor. I will try my hardest to better it than it already is. I will also host more tryouts for my side battalion and help others work on their flying to make them feel more comfortable while doing their job. Do you agree that if you are striked within the first week you will be put back down to the NCO rank? Yes I fully do and think it makes perfect sense.