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  1. Name and Research Rank: MC CM SC CPL Honey2799 , MC CM SPC Unworthy 1273, SubLT Crystal, MC HS VCMDR Carl, Commodore Matrix , Havoc VCMDR Ryker Subject(s): Havoc PFC Maybe 9202 Targeted Results: Turn Maybe into a cyborg.. in more complex terms be able to sink mind via wireless connection to a walker and be able to cool his body down via AIO installed onto the heart and Remove both eyes to be able to see what ever M2AY9 aka maybe is connected to for him and for others to see if he so wishes via wirless video feed... Also all tech used was by Havoc VCMDR Ryker who was also in the crowd as this was going on. Actual Results: At the start of this 2 HOUR SURGERY it started as a simple request turned into a teaching lession for all who participated, All tech used was by Havoc CMD Ryker who was also in the crowd as this was his PFC and was requested by him. The first cut.. We wanted to make sure that Maybe was awake for this or at least Ryker wanted him awake so he offered me some sort of injector that had random fluid in it, Apon asking what was in the injector Ryker procided to tell me Benadryl , Redbull, Alcohol (Vodka) after refusing and bickering about it for 3 min or so i gave in as i wondered what indeed would happen to said subject with this vial of ....fluid... so as the inner curiosity in me i accepted. I made unworthy start us off by letting him inject it as this was his first time doing any surgery he was mainly there for anything I needed him to be for such as bleeding , suction etc this was a learning opportunity for him. VCMDR Carl stood by and watched his young PFC at the time work with me, Subject Maybe after being shot in the arm with fluid was awake during the entire time but he could not feel anypain... Amaaazing.. He could watch as we dug into him and when it was time to open his head up i could see if he would be okay mentaly and for science! i made the first Large cut from the upper chest to the lower part of his sternum allowing access to the ribcage and then proceded to bone saw threw his ribs above his heart it went good, After the cut was made i made Unworthy remove the ribs that were cut and take out just a bit of blood that started to occur after the bleeding had been set away i think placed the Sticky part of the AIO and stuck it to the heart.. GOOD! its on there as snug as a bug ..then ran the tub back under the ribs to then bolt down to the middle of sternum allowing to to come out of the skin (think of ironman) and to have the fan run cool air threw and cool the tubes down from the main chest piece apon bolting down the main AIO box i made SubLt Crystal do it as it would give him more help to his future career hopefuly as a medical officer, The problem began at the entry point in which he came in with the drill thus almost shattering the bone in all but do to quick thinking unworthy and i stopped the drill before it was to late and mades SubLT Crystal try again this time with my guided help by holding the hands it worked, The next part came turning it on and as luck would have it ... it worked.. after we made sure the AIO was running smoothly we then began to patch the chest as i made Unworthy do the stiches... He droped the needle.. as SubLT crystal tried to help he accidently drove it deeper and not even i could find it but out of the blue Ryker pulled out a magnet from his tool compartment on his armor and drove the needle all the way out... some how only managing to cut 1 of the intestine , Since this was a mistake on Unworthlys part from his shacky hand i rubbed the bacta gel on the small cut repairing it and then made him try again but this time held his hands in assitance and once more fixed an issue. ONTO the head we understood what needed to be done but was an extreme risk , Cutting on the visual cortex as a whole and then replacing it entirely with Rykers Part which was a Syntheic Nano Visual Cortex...It looked like a metal box with some rust on it to me that was poorly shaped into what seemed to be a part of the brain ..but could easly mistaken as Jawa droppings ..Disgusting. What i thought of was to have crystal take the bone saw only after i made a cut into the back of the skull then open the skin flaps allowing full view of the skull it self then take the bone saw that crystal was weilding to make a large square cut that would give access to the brain and the cortex we needed BUT due to the unsteady hand of crystal who was nervous as can be i can only imagaine ALMOST drilled straight threw the skull thus causeing mass brain bleed then death BUT with quick reflexes Unworthy made the save by stopping the saw before it hit to close to home , After that mishap i made crystal do it again in which she did and was succesfull as we guided him threw it ... The brain was exposed and indeed i had to be the one to remove the cortex as this was an extreme action.. I made the cut and succesfuly removed the cortex and placed the new one into place and took a single wire to connect the gap in the brain alowing , Havoc Maybe to have full control over it and to be able to link to the walker or machine if he so desired via wireless , it turned on and we were at this point in bussiness, after removing blood with Unworhthy's suction tool i wanted Crystal to bolt the rusty plate i had been given by Ryker to the skull as he needed drill practice but this time it worked and the plate was put on and then i made Unworthly do the stiches. At this point all vitals where not good but not bad it was a uneasy settle as his numbers rose and fell but alas we must push on. THE EYES was up next at this point in time Commodore Matrix had walked in and with permission of VCMDR Carl He helped remove the right eye when the time came. As we all came to agreement we must move quick for this part as his bodys vitals were to unstable i made Matrix do the right eye and then Crystal do the left. At first the right eye came out fine Matrix did a wonderful job but crystal needed a little help as the scaple got stuck in the eye and Unworthy could not remove it but with some help from Carl and everyone else we removed the issue before it went to deep into the eye socket then hitting any major vein, After poping both eyes out it was time to place them with Rykers Human/cyber eyes part. I had my wonderful little helpers put the eyes in and with out a doubt in my mind (LOL) it happend both where linked and wired to the socket and thus connected to the brain and then to the Havoc Box. Once again before we did anymore we checked his vitals.....He was crashing and crashing fast! with a random out burst we all freaked for a moment as i yelled for paddles and as unworthy ran as fast as he could to grab them , Ryker comes in and saves the day by injecting redbull into the bloodstream and launching it via remote control on hand and some how jumped started his heart.. Oh the wonders of the world... With his vitals stable and everything green lit from the eyes to the brain and the heart it was time to turn on poor Maybe who has been awake and freaking out during the entire thing the only thing to sooth him was me as i had to sing , As we all did the best we could to keep him alive and well sane threw it. With remote in hand i had the honors of launching this Cyborg into action engaging all parts and thus making M2AY9 ALIVE!! Procedures performed: Large cut, Stiches , Bone saw threw ribs, Bacta gel , Removal of both eyes and replacement, Visual cortex removed and then replaced and wired, Vitals shot back to life, heart being patched with AIO and then drilling into sternum. Plate in head. Full left side of ribcage Plated , Blood sucked from unwanted areas. How could the procedure be improved: Firstly i would say this is in fact an amazing thing that should have never happened but in turn it did , i would suggest using medical bay parts and research equipment for less chances of infection as well as more time to be thought out threw all of this as this was brought to me on a whim very quicky. Also never to use the fluid Ryker gave me again..Maybeee.... all and all it was a learning experiance for most people who helped me with this process. NOTES:ALL OF THIS IS OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD AFTER 2 HOURS IT IS REALLY HARD TO REMEMBER ALL THAT HAS OCCURED BUT THIS IS AS ACCURATE AS I COULD POSSIBLY REMEMBER SORRY TO THOSE I GOT SWITCHED AROUND IF SO BY ACCIDENT BUT IN TURN I FIND THIS TO BE ACCURATE AS CAN BE.
  2. Name and Research Rank: MC CM SC SPC Honey 2799/ MC CM SFC BODA Subject(s):Lord Lily Targeted Results: Replace spinal cord with beskar steel and place a nano chip in the spine to electricute and release a OVERLOAD of adrenaline allowing for a intense boost in both adrenal glands and to open small ports on spine to also release more adrenaline. Actual Results: SUBJECT was rolled onto tummy after removing the upper fabric i started to make a long cut down from the shoulder blades to the tail bone makeing a medium sized cut allowing for easy accsess to the spine. After opening the SUBJECT up the spine was exposed i started to remove the spinal tissue and nervs very gently undoing the web from the bone from the upper and lower half , with some help from Boda we removed the all the tissue and nervs perfectly after all of it was out i then started to size up the spine to then have a bone saw cut threw the upper half by the shoulder blades and then make a cut on the lower half which in turn i successfuly did. After the bone had been cut i had Boda remove the spine as i wanted him to get his hands dirty plus to make sure blood did not go all over the place then i placed the steel spine into postion then screwed and bolted it into the upper half of the spine that was still regular bone and then lower half of the pelvis bone after that had been done me and boda at the same time slowly and carefuly started to weave and wound the nerve and tissue back onto the spine as if it was always there then snapped the chip into place in the middle in its compartment turned it on and then stiched the entire cut i had made back up. Procedures performed: Medium sized cut, Bonesawed 2 times threw spine , undid and rewound tissue and nervs to new steel spine , bolted and drilled holes to connect spine to real bones. Added nano chip to spine. How could the procedure be improved: Its a 2 person job as this is really risky with undoing ones spinal cord and as such should stay to increase the chances of living of the SUBJECTS who undergo this, For future plans may complete spine to have a truly fully steel spine / bone structure and to remove and replace skull with beskar steel.
  3. Name and Research Rank: MC CM SC PFC Honey 2799 Subject(s):ST Pvt Vertigo 3341 / Vertigo 3340 (Subjects where twins ) Targeted Results: Be able to connect a wire via hub in the back of the skull to screen in order to see ones Dreams visual and auditory Actual Results: SUBJECT 3341 surgery for DH Did indeed go well at first , Making a small cut in back of head then takeing out a portion of the skull to place in one of my nano boxes for brain hookups this was a extra hard one indeed do to the fact of hooking up wires all over the brain to each cortex in order for this to work, The visual wire went smoothly and stuck to the cortex like glue onto the auditory wire though.. The wire seemed to have a short circut that could have been anything! from the nano box to the wire having a fray in it and somehow having direct access to the brain electromagnetic pulses. What ever caused this to happen did not end so well for 3441 as his auditory cortex was blown like a hot pancake and melted skin i did succeed in cutting it out to try to save the rest of the brain but due to so much bleeding and swelling and well burning he did not make it and subject did have to be put down with leathal does of Ketamine as for his final wishes before being put under for surgery. May 3341 live on in my books for SCIENCE!! SUBJECT 3340 the twin brother to 3341 outraged by his brothers death wanted the same surgrey done on him even if it means death to reunite with his brother in the after life... Very touching indeed.. I began the same way as i did his brother letting him know his options IF apon brain death or other extreme accidents was to happen. Surgery had begun once more and this time i was not going to let the same mistake happen again , The cuts the drilling the removal of skull all went well all wires to each and every single cortex and a wire the connected both sides of the brain to the nano box went... Outstanding... The last hurdle in this endeavor was to turn the box on connect it to the screen and seeing / hearing what the dream was and then close 3340 up and make sure upon wake up no mental damage was done... SUCCESS!! The dream did show up on screen and i could also hear the dream...(Due to privacy laws i cannot tell anyone other then medical doctors intrested in the dream about the dream it self , Not even in this log). Upon waking up 3340 all motor and speaking skills was in fact working other then light swelling in the back of the head and minor headace 3340 was sent home with the correct perscription and of course a lolipop. Procedures performed: Small cut in back of head. Removal of small section of skull. The removal of a cortex. The stiches and plate placement. The wiring for the box to each cortex. How could the procedure be improved: This must be a 2 person job i would never do this again alone UNLESS begged to by a subject , Due to high risks of the amount of wiring needed to be done anything could have happend but at a cost for science non the less, Nano wires may be thinned out in the future also making tiny bandaide like ribbions to connect things rather then having a behive of wires glued to the upper place ment of skull.
  4. Name and Research Rank: MC S PFC Honey Subject(s): 501ST SPC JIMMY Targeted Results: Place a nano chip into the back of the brain into the occipital lobe then connect 2 wires to the Auditory cortex on each side of brain that will then connect to 2 tiny micro cam's into the corena of both eyes that will alow the user to think and use there brain to send Electro pulses to pull up a Hud into both eyes alowing them to surf the web and be able to hear what they are watching as well as see it as a overlay over there vision (Both cams have 8k) Actual Results: SUBJECT was eager to participate in the project, Upon being placed under i did a small cut in the back of head but by accident cut way to deep non the less making it more difficult patch up later... Then used a bone saw to make a small square into the skull which worked wonderfully after some assistance then gently placed both connecters to the auditory cortex in which both sat beautifuly after that i begin to patch the skull back with a metal plate and then stiched up the deep wound which will in turn take longer to heal. Onto the eyes i scraped out both corneas and placed both micro cams into them on the right eye it worked and sat wonderful.. on the left i did slip a little making a wound to the eye ball but was patched before any more damage could be done which will also take longer to heal and may cause future eye sight loss in the future as only time will tell but can be patched. Both eyes should heal over the chip making it more snug then it already is. Upon waking up SUBJECT he began to activate the chip by blicking in both eyes at a rapid pace of 3 times to turn on and off which then by thought he was able to think what he wanted to see or look up and was able to hear aswell what he was watching SUBJECT was amazed at the 8k vision he had now been seeing aswell as the faint glow of blue from the micro cams in his eyes that he has. Procedures performed: Cut back of head . Used bone saw for the removal of a small square on his skull. Scraped both corneas out of eyes. How could the procedure be improved: Hardware updates in future for better connectivity to brain allowing only 1 wire or none to be attached aswell as a comeplete vision reroute with out the micro cams.
  5. Name and Research Rank: MC S PFC Honey 2799 Subject(s): Havoc TRN Kit Kat Targeted Results: Place a data pad into one arm that will be able to connect via cables from pad to consoles to run data checks on ship/ Leg thrusters placed in calf , In both legs... Actual Results: SUBJECT performed well during surgrey HAV was to be bolted down with 2 screws but do to unforseen events arm had been shatterd but with quick thinking arm fragments and the main bone was straped down with HAV wires being able to heal and mend in the future. As for the leg thrusters they where both installed while being straped to the legs bone behind both calfs with both of which had 2 plates holding and supporting the weight of both 5lbs thrusters. Legs will both gain strength over time due to the weight (SUBJECT did have knee problems from working all day but was healed in bacta tank after for repair of the tissue in both knees). Procedures performed: Sliced into RIGHT arm and BOTH calfs bolting or wrapping down both cyberware. How could the procedure be improved: Do to HAV being a proto type software and hardware upgrades will be performed in the future. As for thrusters they are standerd issue from my own collection of trinkets and should be fine. { PERFORMED 1 }
  6. Name and Research Rank: MC S PFC Honey 2799 Subject(s): MC TRN Ocean Targeted Results: SPK enters body and is able to move around via remote control , Micro camra installed on the front in order to see, Spikes that can be deployed for torture as it will thrash around tearing at anything its around etc. (Muscle , Bones, Veins, ) Actual Results: SPK was placed into the body by nose, As SPK was inside skull remote access was available, SPK was then drove threw the throat down to the stomach all while the SUBJECT was awake (numbing gel was placed on face and nose before test had begun ). At this point the bot was under full control still making it a succesful crawl threw the body and blood streams. Once settled at the bottom of the stomach i told the SUBJECT that i was going to activate the spikes and do 1 thrash the SUBJECT agreed as intented this was going to be alot of pain.. Which it did cause alot of pain.. During the start of its thrashing it violently whiped and curled around with spikes coming from its body thus ripping a hole into the stomach allowing the acid to escape into the upper intestine which at this point the bot in fact did its job but was greatly underestamted at the damage caused which was not for seen but in all a success with the help from MC POG we succsesfully drove the bot back threw the body out the mouth did a quick surgery to repair the stomach and sucked the acid off the upper intestine and stiched the SUBJECT up. Making this research a succseful one. Procedures performed: Put SPK up nose , Repaired stomach and did stitches and removed acid from upper intestine. Performed# 1 How could the procedure be improved: None as this was a success, Maybe mods in the future for different methods of tourture etc.(spikes that are coated with strong acid / posion or electricity.
  7. Name and Research Rank: PVT Honey 2799 Subject(s): Dahattar / Subject # 1 Targeted Results: Small black box that would control nervous system from being put in the middle of the back and be aple to jump start a trooper in case of battle paralysis aswell as restart there heart in case of flat line as well as run a full scan of the troopers well being. Actual Results: Black box had a overload of stress due to the complexty of the Nerv system , Thus overheated resulting in a spinal shut down ultimately frying the nervs and tissue around the close location and ending in both legs not being able to move but still retained motion of the upper half. Procedures performed:1 How could the procedure be improved: Find a better way to deal with the heat and the over load that happend when turned on with better wires and maybe a new CPU overhaul.
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