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  1. Your In-game: Andre


    The player's name in-game: seb kirby


    The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:449934778


    What did the player do: MRDM in Spawn


    Evidence (REQUIRED): https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/v5v0nzi61wuU7/d1337B3pO4z5?invite=cr-MSxZSHAsMjQyMzgzODks


    What do you believe should happen to the player: Ban and Formal Warning


    Any extra information: Formal Warning has not been issued, please Ban and Warn the player.

  2. That time when I killed SM Tyrone Simpson 1B30, Dep Commissioner Solomon 1K-6, SS CAT Director Seb 1K48, SNR Txshnu 1A98 and SNR Tyler 1D25 during a police raid. 

    This was back when the criminal organization called Purgatory Outlaws first arrived in Great Lakeside, NC. 

    The funny thing about this video is that the Negev had great range back then and was able to destroy government alongside the Ethereal, and now the Negev has been nerfed and the Ethereal is gone 😂

    We have come a long way since then with many map changes, weapon changes, and Department removals. 

    May the Ethereal rest in peace, as well as the Secret Service Department.

    Video: https://medal.tv/games/imported-clips/clips/rebBaRf7VfsBA

  3. -Support

    I already warned EL alias for Copbait today for the same situation, the only difference being that EL alias was on Thief job. 

    It is obvious EL alias did not listen to me when I informed him that it is not allowed to trespass onto any government property as it is considered Copbait.

    • EL alias was already warned once for the same situation and obviously did not learn his lesson.

    • Failure to follow format

  4. The original report was on Iyun for “Other”.  Two players were raiding Iyun’s base, the reporter told me it was not fair that Iyun was sitting down inside his base while AFK to avoid taking damage. I looked through the MOTD and didn’t find any rule against doing that. But as I was looking at the MOTD, Iyun returned from being AFK, he stopped sitting and killed the player who reported him. I revived the player and he instantly retaliated and returned fire upon Iyun, I told them both that you cannot participate in combat while in a staff sit. I was discussing the situation with Iyun, when all of a sudden Iyun ran off. I followed him because I was not finished talking with him. I entered the room Iyun just entered and couldn’t find Iyun but noticed that the cops were raiding and there was an active shootout, to avoid interrupting or getting in the way of the shootout I asked the reporter if it was ok to close the sit as the cops are raiding and I didn’t see any rules against what Iyun did. The reporter agreed so I closed the sit.

    I NEVER gave Iyun any form of warning during that report but I did inform him that it seemed unfair to players who were raiding him.


    The player who originally reported Iyun made another report on Iyun after he went AFK, MJTHEOG took the sit and requested me to help. The reporter was complaining that Iyun returned after I closed the sit and killed both him and his family member, he was also complaining about the original report. MJ and I told the reporter that we didn’t see any rule in the MOTD regarding what Iyun did, the reporter called for Jimmy James as he felt we were protecting Iyun from getting warned. Jimmy arrived and informed us that sitting down in a base to avoid damage is considered Fail RP and we can warn Iyun for it and then Jimmy left. I made it clear that I wanted to get Iyun’s side of the story before I make a final decision, so I messaged Iyun on Discord in hopes Iyun would’ve returned from being AFK but he was not able to do so.

    As I was looking at the response from Iyun that was sent on Discord, the reporter still felt that we were protecting Iyun and called Tactical to assist, Tactical also agreed that sitting down in a base to avoid damage is Fail RP and is a warn-able offense. So after getting two separate admin+‘s opinion on the incident, I issued the warning for Fail RP. The staff sit took almost 2 hours before MJ and I finally rendered a decision, meaning there was a lot of discussion of whether or not Iyun should be warned.


    The reporter was really pushing for a formal warning.

    I apologize that Iyun has received his first warning but in all fairness I got multiple administrator’s opinions before I made my final decision. Therefore the warning cannot be false as Jimmy and Tactical both said it is a warn-able offense.

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