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  1. The Staff Handbook clearly says “When you decide to issue an individual a formal warning, you must inform the person that they are receiving a warning, as well as why a warning is being issued.” I was not informed that I received a formal warning, leaving me unaware of the formal warn until 2 weeks after. I was also not informed on why the warning was issued. So if the Staff Handbook wasn’t followed, then how is the warning still valid?
  2. How is this considered justified? If staff doesn’t have evidence to prove the warn is valid then how is it fair that I get warned without evidence? I always try my best to follow the rules and if I get warned I want to reflect and change so I don’t get warned again but without being informed on how I broke Fail RP, I am unable to do that.
  3. @Chad B do you still have the video? I don’t think it is fair that I have been warned without no information given to me, I didn’t notice the warn until 2 weeks later because no one informed me about it. Therefore I believe the warn should be revoked. How am I supposed to reflect from past mistakes and better myself if I wasn’t informed about what I did wrong?
  4. +Support • Clear Evidence of Copbait • Ryqueese has 6 days+ on the server, that is plenty of time to read and understand the MOTD Rules. • Ryqueese verbally disrespected Cosmo in the video, and it clearly wasn't in a form of RP.
  5. I had a lot of fun in the department but I need to focus on other stuff, so with that. I will be resigning from USMS. Reason for Resignation: IRL stuff causing inactivity in the department Thanks for the stay!!
  6. +Support • King admitted that the warning is false • Mistakes happen
  7. Your In-game: Andre The admin's name in-game: Chad B The admin's steam name (If you know it): [GL]Chad B What warning did you receive: Fail RP Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): https://gaminglight.com/bans/player/76561198974928193 Why do you think this warn was false: I believe this warn is either false or accidental because I was not informed about the warning nor was I able to discuss my side of the situation. I was most likely AFK at the time of the warn therefore I feel that a warning is a bit excessive as I was not around to give my point of view. I've made reports on players in the past and they were not given any punishment as they went AFK, so was my situation really that serious that I deserved a warn even without my side of the story? Any extra information: I do not know whether or not I was brought to a sit before receiving the warn but I feel if the staff member doesn't have evidence to prove this warn is valid, it should be removed.
  8. I am gonna miss you my friend, you were one of my first true friends in the GL community. You helped me get into SRT, you also helped me go far in POL. We had a lot of fun times and it was great having you as VP in the Purgatory Outlaws! hmu anytime on discord - Andre Lawrence P.S: I remember when we use to base in all those awesome bases you built with iZz in the Rockford map, bro I miss those days
  9. Welcome to SRT!!! Message me anytime
  10. I believe a formal warning is valid as Alan has been warned for corruption in the past (literally yesterday), I assume staff talked to him during that situation therefore Alan should receive formal punishment rather than verbal punishment due to being previously warned for corruption.
  11. Your in game name: Andre The player's in game name: SNR Alan James 1C34 The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:17494339 What did the player do: Corruption as Government Evidence (required): https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/72014716/d1337ayLeteY?invite=cr-MSxVWDYsMjQyMzgzODks What do you believe should happen to the player: Formal Warn for Corruption or disciplinary action in PD Any extra information: Alan James has been warned for Corruption in the past and obviously hasn't learned from his mistakes. (Alan James was warned for Server Diss | Player Diss | Corruption | LTAP on 11/17/2021, 03:32:29)
  12. -Support - Warn was valid, no matter who was playing on the account. - Accept the consequences and move on.
  13. -Support - There was 2 people around "Slimothus Jimmothus" (Excluding "POL President iZz" and "POL MBR DarkZz") but only 1 of them had the same family name. - The player who had the same family name stayed in a vehicle during the encounter therefore "Slimothus Jimmothus" was under Fear RP. - During a kidnapping, you MUST stand still while another player attempting to restrain you. As "Slimothus Jimmothus" did not do so. - Clear evidence of "Slimothus Jimmothus" breaking Fear RP.
  14. -Support - You must comply when being mugged.
  15. +Support - Clear Evidence - Prop minging shows that Scoob is playing the server with NITRP (No Intention To Roleplay)
  16. -Support - Clear evidence of rule broken - Bruh Moment
  17. -Support It was an accident, after reviewing the video once again. I noticed that Scoob dropped the money almost under a vehicle, making it extremely difficult for someone to find the cash. You can also hear Lucky say that he didn’t drop it, proving that he did not see the money. Which explains why they opened fire upon his vehicle as he was attempting to leave. Second of all, DarkZz performed a separate mugging on Scoob as DarkZz did not assist in Lucky’s mugging. Therefore Scoob was under Fear RP when he drove off in his vehicle. DarkZz had every right to kill him because Scoob failed to drop the money and attempted to flee the mugging. If it was dealt with in game it wouldn’t even have been a verbal warning because of the mistakes made by Scoob when he dropped the money and when he fled the scene without completing the RP situation.
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