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  1. +Support • Active • Mature • Good Application Good luck!!
  2. o7 Thank you for all your help Russia!
  3. o7 Good luck on whatever the future holds for you!
  4. Since this new update, I've noticed an issue regarding fading doors in a base. When you enter your code into the keypad, if you're standing too close to the fading door, it will break the fading door causing it to stay open until fixed by the owner. This issue can also happen when someone is using a keypad cracker on a keypad, as long as they stand next to the fading door while it opens, the fading door will break. You can fix the issue by holding your fading door bind while entering your code into the keypad like shown in the video below. SMT needs to resolve this issue so it no longer occurs because people will most likely abuse this in the future to easily access the base during a raid. Video Evidence: https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/9iR039M3KiHsk/d1337L6NvhsC?invite=cr-MSxqWVIsMjQyMzgzODks Thank you for your time! ~ Andre
  5. pretty cool if you ask me!! Good luck
  6. Unfortunately, the time has come… Lately my activity has been low. I don’t have time to play FBI anymore due to IRL reasons and now that I am SRT Low Command and President of a family, I must say my goodbyes to FBI and focus on other things. I thank you all for the great time I’ve had in FBI and I wish everyone the best of luck in the future! ~ Andre (KGB6)
  7. Enjoy your time with family and friends!
  8. Bye Mewy!!! Cya again in the future
  9. Name: Andre Rank and Call Sign: SSA | KGB7 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:507331232 Date: 1/4/22 How active are you? (Scale 1-10 with 1 being the lowest): 3-4
  10. +Support • Good Role Model • Active • Ready for LT Good Luck!
  11. +Support • Active • Mature and Professional • Good Application Best of Luck!
  12. But how am I supposed to reflect from past mistakes and better myself if I wasn’t informed about what I did wrong? I was not given any reasoning as to why I was issued a formal warn, so how am I able to make sure it doesn’t happen again if I wasn’t informed on why I received a warn? If a staff member didn’t follow their Handbook when issuing a warn, shouldn’t that make the warning false?
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