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  1. dammmm Imma miss you bro times were good
  2. Apple Apple


    3 months to late, its over
  3. not sure if you even saw the first post he was referring to but what he is trying to accuse him of racism is on a separate platform hidden behind a link that is not visible on the forums without clicking the link. Instead of reverse reporting him It would be best to shoot him a dm and ask him to kindly change the name of the clip. The way I see it is that he is trying to escape from the repercussions of his actions in said clip by reporting it instead of doing the right thing.
  4. "blackmail"* also the clips name wasn't posted on gaminglight, GL dont own medal lil bro report him on medal not here
  5. remember this bro from my time def deserve this position by now fr
  6. its very easy Frog is just brain dead, youtube it an easy find
  7. I made you, and u give me what in return? no mention. were done.
  8. Completed! This suggestion is now in the server
  9. Apple Apple


    not you talking I see
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