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  1. Popular Add-ons Add another playermodel to your job that is already on the server - $40 Model Path on server: models/stickytar/players/femalesith2.mdl Change Custom Job Name - $10 New name: Siege Elite I have permission from ares (the owner of the 183rd CC) Steam ID Who paid: STEAM_0:0:95028178
  2. Huge + Support Steel is the most dedicated person to Royal Guard ive seen .He is very friendly and all around makes the server better He is definitely fit for this job He is very active All around a good person and really cares about RG He is definitely the best person for VS Good luck Steel!
  3. +Support -Active -Awesome Leader -Wants the best for naval -dedicated Good Luck Don!
  4. +Support -Active -detailed application -Lots of experience -Good attitude -wants the best for naval
  5. What is your ingame name?: JTapp What is your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:95028178 What is your rank on the Naval roster?: Midshipman What specialty are you applying for?: Medical Officer What Naval HC (Admiral +) gave you permission to apply?: Admiral Harold What can you do to improve the branch you will be responsible for?: I can Improve My branch by bringing out the Rp for Medical officer as I can make the Rp even deeper and detailed.I have experience with Medical as I was one for a while.I will make sure to help everyone with their own specific needs and for patients to get the care they need.Making sure medical is efficient at doing their job is my biggest priority.I am eager in making medical and naval a better place then it already is! Why should you be trusted with this position?: I Enjoy RP as I take it seriously and want the best for the server.I will be responsible for my job and for medical.I will be consistent with my play time as I play a lot.I have learned important rules from my job in constrution like discipline, loyalty and consistency that i can apply to Medical officer. Why do you want this Rank?: I would like to Improve my battalion as I am a leader.My goal is to improve the Rp in medical and naval.I enjoy improvement for myself and others. Do you understand that if you receive a strike, you will be stripped of this rank?: Yes, I completely understand that a strike means a demotion. What is your purpose within your assigned branch?: My job as a medical officer is to make sure medical is running smoothly,everyone is doing their job to the best of their ability,to lead and command on and off the ship,make sure supplies are in order, and to help everyone improve!
  6. +support great idea for our growing battalion!
  7. +Support -Takes Job seriously -Responsible -kind Active Good luck Steel!
  8. I thought that was the problem too but I already have all the content installed. Everyone else on the server sees an error too.
  9. In game my saber hilt is an error.Im not to sure why but if it isnt able to be fix I will gladly pick another one. the model path is weapon_cc_the_siege_breaker . Thank you! (EDIT) if there is no way to fix it and its just a problem with the hilt we can just use this one. models/starwars/cwa/lightsabers/darkforcephase1.mdl
  10. Okay Hopefully that fixes it. Let me know if I missed anything else. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  11. What is your in-game name? JTapp 1738 What is your current rank? SFC , EJTR How much time do you have on the server`? 6 Days Why do you feel that you deserve the position of officer? I deserve the position of officer because I Have Dedicated my time on making shock and the server a better place. I will always work on improving myself and shock as a battalion. Why do you feel you can be trusted to hold this position? I am loyal to shock as I play a lot and always want to see shock excel. I want to pass my knowledge to others on shock to make it even better than it is. I have a job in construction as I am one of the contractors. I have learned lots of valuable things from that like loyalty, consistency, discipline, and trust. If chosen, what can you add to the battalion that other applicants can't? I will always be active and consistent with my play time as officers are important and should be active. I will always strive for shock to achieve greatness as I will always do my part to keep everyone in line. How active can you be? I will be on consistently for 4-5 days 3 hours +
  12. In Game Name: JTapp 1738 CC Job Name: 183rd Siege Battalion Inquisitor Job - $50 extra Base 1500 HP Custom Lightsaber Name of Lightsaber: Siege Breaker Color of Crystal: rgb(255,255,255) (white) Model Path: models/saber_dark1/saber_dark1.md Single Hilt Force Powers: Lighting Strike, Force Leap, Push, Advanced Cloak, Shadow Strike Extras: Jet pack Steam ID That Paid: STEAM_0:0:95028178
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