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  1. Hahahaha I never even knew you were in purge good luck though
  3. Evan?


    +support - amazing guy - has a general idea on what he’s doing - event ideas are a tad bit lacking but I know it will get better over time - good luck!
  4. Hello, I feel that it would be nice if we showed GM's in this part of the forums as they are not represented. Link (https://gaminglight.com/forums/staff/) Thanks for reading just and idea
  5. +support - makes sense its a commonly used shotgun and the shock staff has no use
  6. +support - seems to want to help out purge - good app - only met you once but that may be bc we are on complete opposite sides of the ship lol - good luck
  7. Also your not shock command so tbh this really shouldn’t be requested by you
  8. +support - former command member in another battalion so he knows what he's doing - great guy - activity could use more tbh - good luck dude!
  9. +support - this guy is awesome! - can be trusted - has a handle on what he needs to do to be a GM - good luck!
  10. im not police RP but Imp RP has had the problem where some ULX ranks cant be reported idk if this is a bug or intentional
  11. +support - great guy - can be trusted - event ideas could use more - knows his lore decently well - good luck!
  12. So from the evidence shown your reporting me for - supporting your apps? and when i do witch is kind of the whole point of the forums is to get all sides yet you start harassing me about it (Evidence https://gyazo.com/2b9b02cc5b1d4ffae09f9115fe2825ec) and about before when you were asking about joining CCs i was warning you about on how it could be "Considered Spam and Begging" (Evidence shown https://gyazo.com/45eedd4cec519ae031f5d1e915d580d3) and then at that point you went all bonkers (Evidence shown https://gyazo.com/84d50ded29291c02548972ed80cd8881) and im not totally sure why your bringing up my 2 warns that are months old and ban from over 3 months ago. im not entirely sure what your trying to accomplish with this post have a good day though.
  13. Bro yes this guy is awesome
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