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  1. In-Game Name: Raptor Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:440442013 Squadron you are Applying for (Guardian, Engineer, Analyst): Guardian Current RP Ranks Held: CI RND Supervisory Agent (Sub: Microbiologist, Eye of Intelligence, FTO) and MTF E11 Corporal (Sub: Rangers) If applying for Guardian preferred O5 to guard: O5-5 "The Treasurer" (Not picky about it) If applying for Analyst please link notable test-logs here: N/A How many Warns do you have? (With Screenshot Proof) I have 3 warns total, all 3 were on SCPRP and all date back to October, November, and December of 2020 or 2 years ago. Why do you want to join the Red Right Hand team: I would like to join RRH for a few reasons, one reason is to join a branch that improves roleplay not just for me but for others as well and at the same time joining a branch that has some unique features to it, for example RRH guardians are able to guard/escort specific members of Command this brings unique scenarios and benefits the "VIPs" of RRH, I also would like to join RRH to familiarize myself with other players and possibly form good relationships with other people and branches which can also affect RRH in a positive way, and Finally I would like to join RRH because I feel it will give me some more experience in specific areas of knowledge. Why should we accept you: I feel that I should be accepted for multiple reasons, starting off I am very respectful and loyal I never go and talk behind others backs or start arguments with others in or out of RP and always treat everyone with the upmost respect, I am very loyal as well whenever I am told to do something as long as it does not break any SOP's or rules of the MOTD I will carry out that order without question, I am also active in game often as I play most days of the week I also regularly update myself on discord every day and often also check the forums, I am also fairly skilled in combat having entered E11 Rangers and becoming a combat medic in CI R&D Microbiologist giving me a fairly good amount of experience when it comes to combating against other GOI's and SCPs, I have also had experience guarding command in Gaminglight's ImperialRP where I was in multiple battalions/branches that specialized in guarding certain people of command.
  2. ROA or LOA: LOA Name: Raptor Rank: Event Team Trainee Start Date: 5/19/2022 End Date: 06/02/2022 Reason: Been occupied with a lot of school work that needs to be done before school and a little burnt out due to things at home
  3. +Support ————————————— - Well made application - Has experience - Well known - Great guy - Nice and detailed answers ————————————— Overall good luck on your application!!!!!
  4. + Support ______________________________ - EXTREMELY detailed answers - Very well made application - Experience as a Gamemaster - Familiar with commands - Professional ——————————————— - Very new to the community ——————————————— Very new to the community however has past experience as a GM and knows how they function also has a good application with answers that are in great detail might need a little more time on the server however best of luck!!!!
  5. +Support -------------------- - More Effort put into application - Decent application - Knows the basic duties of an SO and what they do - Was able to take criticism and used it to better improve his application, Well done!!! --------------------- Best of luck!!!
  6. +Support -------------------- - Has Experience with ULX Commands - Has past experience as a gamemaster and how they function - Knowledge on lore is average - Very active on the server - Trusted and known within the community - Application is good but could have been better --------------------- Best of luck!!!
  7. -Support ------------------- - Failed to put correct information - Extremely poor application - Calling Gamemasters boring - Never seen before (Could be separate time zones) --------------------- This application is poorly made and obviously have shown no effort in it, good luck!
  8. + Support - Very dedicated to gaminglight as a whole - Is extremely active - Very responsible and hard working - Trustworthy - Experience with medical roleplay and how it works ———————————————— By the time I have spent with him he is very hard working and very trustworthy individual, in my opinion he deserves this position and he dedication to gaminglight also says a lot. Best of luck!!!
  9. + Support - Decently active - Professional - Very kind and outgoing - Good application ———————————————— Overall good app only recommendation will to be just a little more active but overall would make a great Inferno Squad Officer, overall good luck!!!
  10. +/- Support - Has experience staffing - Sounds like a good guy - Decent application —————————————— - Haven’t seen on much - Recently came back (joined) ————————————————— More in the + support side but overall good luck!!
  11. + Support - Well made application - Trusted - Previous experience as staff - Active Best of luck!!
  12. - Support - Answers are short - Last question was wrong even tho you claimed to have read the guidelines - Application could overall be way better and more effort could of been put into it. Best of luck!!
  13. + Support - Very Trusted - Very well made Application - Very trusted - Really active - Past experience Best of luck!!!
  14. What is your in-game name?: Raptor (LCX002) What is your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:440442013 What is your rank on the Naval Roster?: Lieutenant Commander What specialty are you applying for?: Tenn Graneet (Chief Gunnery Officer) What Naval HC (Commodore+) gave you permission to apply?: Astro (Agent Kallus) What can you do to improve the branch you will be responsible for?: I will watch over the gunnery officers of naval and also the (current) regimental engineer sub-battalions, I will assist and work with the engineer leads and other supervisors of the regimental engineers in order to host creative and fun sims that will not just draw in people into the regimental engineers but also encourage the them to be more active within the engineers. I will host multiple tryouts a day and do more then needed to try and increase our numbers I will also continue to assist my fellow gunnery officers and engineers by assisting them with things such as tryout certification and ideas for some sims and overall help them to the best of my ability with anything they request. Why should you be trusted with this position?: I believe that I should be trusted with this rank because of my knowledge and with my experience with how things work in the engineers, I am currently a Captain in Inferno Squad and have had experience back to when Havoc and 31st were around and my current experience with understanding what engineers and gunnery officers can and cannot do, I always try my best to assist others with whatever favors they need not just for Gunnery officer but also my other battalions, I am strict when a situation calls for it, I am active in-game and also check the forums to try and keep up to date with things like specialty apps. Why do you want this rank?: The thing that drew me to gunnery was mostly that there was not too many members on it at the time I became a trial gunnery (Only being 1 person in the whole gunnery roster) so that I can try to help it out, now as a senior gunnery I love assisting the engineers and gunneries by adding new members and I feel that one of the best ways to help out not just engineers but also Gunnery would to become the Chief Gunnery Officer also known as Tenn Graneet. Do you understand that if you receive a strike you will be stripped of this rank?: Yes I understand What is your purpose within your assigned branch?: My purpose in the branch is to oversee and assist the Trial Gunneries and Gunneries and also the Engineers while assisting the Senior Engineers and engineer leads, my other purpose is to host multiple tryouts for engineers in order to recruit and train new engineers not only that but to overall make the battalion balanced by having a good amount of people and the right kind of people for the engineers, and lastly to make sure that there is no issues in the engineers with certain things that can harm the engineers as a whole as well as gunnery officers, that is my purpose.
  15. + Support - Is extremely active - Very kind - Responsible - Has past experience of being a Officer - Good application - Trustworthy in my experience Best of luck!
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