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  1. + Support Abuse of the /demote system is not a department thing its a server rules thing so a talking to by command isnt the same thing in my opinion. This really isnt a complicated rule to understand.
  2. o7 your work in state and on the server will not go unseen and you will be missed. also fuck u xoxo
  3. + Support If you don’t have time to improve the server and are so busy IRL why not resign and give the position to someone who has the time to manage the server, update it, interact with the community, and do the other numerous tasks given to someone with the position of manager. Igneous and multiple other people bring up excellent points. Regarding Spectre, it’s obvious he should of been blacklisted after hard proof was given of him ALTing and at the time of the report he would still come over to PoliceRP and cause trouble and get pulled into multiple sits every time he would get on. Regarding Keegan getting removed, from what I can see the only reason for the removal was that he disagreed with your decision and respectfully expressed how he felt about the situation. River should of never gotten SMT and other members of the SMT team and/or community should of been consulted about the matter. It’s obvious that there is a disconnect between Hotshot and the server, I get that he has a life to attend to but as I said before, if you don’t have the time then why are you still here? Your main focus as a manager should be to better the server and if you see that you don’t have the time to do so maybe leaving that responsibly to someone else is best for the server.
  4. -Support The bike is a state thing. If want to drive a bike, join SPMU
  5. Name: Dark Rank: Senior Event Team Reason for leaving: to be completely honest I don’t have time to host events anymore. I’ve gotten quite busy IRL and have slowly lost the drive for events at the same time. After hosting over 100 events on PoliceRP I can’t seem to think of more creative ideas for events.
  6. -Support Someone hitting your car is not a reason to kill them. Pull them over.
  7. +support pretty clear he used prox chat to metagame
  8. 2k gang https://gyazo.com/fbbeeb2faec605873d1919634a44f4ab
  9. Forums Diplomat Message Please Keep Replies in ENGLISH ONLY and do not give death threats. -Senior Diplomat Dark
  10. This is my resignation from FBI, HRT, and FBI FTO, the reason for the resignation is that I don’t have the time to remain active anyone and would like to focus more on state and it’s sub department o7
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