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  1. Needs more time to learn -support for now
  2. -support not ready imo, still very inexperienced
  3. +support globals a chad and is deserving of D4 is command in both CI and E11 Sub branch command In D4 and is fairly active
  4. +support gam3 is already DNT’d from all MTF branches permanently for the time being so even if the tranq BL is lifted he still won’t have access to the majority of tranq jobs
  5. Your in game name: CI SGT Buck Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:570251076 The player's in game name: SEC FTO SM ETA10 Guinevere The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:1:175407426 The original staff member's name: Security SVFTO 2LT Tank Date and Time This Incident Occurred: 6/17/22 roughly 11:30 AM EST What did the player do: RDM (Killing a cuffed D class) | FailRP (Refusing to escort research for test) What was the disposition of the sit (no action/verbal warning/formal warning/etc): No action sit was closed because Guinevere told the staff to close it Why do you think the disposition was inappropriate?: This was blatent RDM and there is nothing in the MOTD or GENSEC SOP that could remotely justify killing a cuffed D class or refusing to escort. Gensec SOP: "Do not terminate Class-D Personnel w/o valid reasoning. Valid reasons are as follows, passing KOS lines, having fists out after being warned, having a weapon, committing battery, being on the catwalk ledge, etc. You may NOT terminate D-Class for player diss." Evidence (required): https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/oO6qKBy8iQX19/d1337xVDMCb0?invite=cr-MSxvVWcsNDMwMjA5NTgs Any extra information: Within the sit his reasoning was because he "Was giving weapons to security as a quartermaster and that was his job" He also said he could not give orders to security because there was a SFC in D block (Whom he outranks) despite having his name set to his security name. I was advised by another staff member to make this report as well.
  6. Your In-game: CI SGT Buck Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:570251076 The admin's name in-game: Security SVFTO 2LT Tank The admin's steam name (If you know it): Tank [GL] What did the admin do: Staff Bias | Staff mismanagement Evidence of the abusive action(s) (REQUIRED): In this clip I was tabbed out to quote the GENSEC SOP which stated valid reasons to kill a D class which is why at the start it says gameplay not visible https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/oOdIDHephMIpD/d1337VLGeV5W?invite=cr-MSw4ZHYsNDMwMjA5NTgs this was the clip that the sit was about: https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/oO6qKBy8iQX19/d1337IJHizRG?invite=cr-MSxVcVksNDMwMjA5NTgs clip of tank saying that this was ok and ignoring the SM pretty much calling me slow: https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/oO99B261jypHy/d1337OyHPQFa?invite=cr-MSxsbkssNDMwMjA5NTgs What do you believe should happen to the admin: Staff strike/Demotion or whatever SMT see fit Any extra information: I called a sit on a security SM who was refusing to escort a researcher for a test and then proceeded to kill me whilst I was cuffed by said researcher. Tank then took the sit whilst other staff members were active. this is concerning to me as tank is a 2LT in security taking a sit about an SM in security. On top of this the security SM was telling tank to just close the sit as it was pointless to which tank obliged and closed the sit.
  7. Kinda cringe ngl have fun in retirement
  8. Just wanna remind y’all that this is to see what others opinion on this matter and is not to start any drama but this is for people to give opinions and y’all may not agree with those opinions but please just don’t argue about or degrade others opinions (idc about my forum rep but don’t rep bomb ppl either)
  9. With Neo disappearing into thin air yet again R&D has lost its last member of gamma command(HCMD) A lot of people are not a fan of R&D saying that it just takes up space and is a rather dead branch so I wanted to ask peoples opinions on how the branch is. Personally I feel that the branch has had a good run but it’s time for it to go. The branch is beginning to become more of a combative branch with passive RP sub classes that are rarely used. Whenever R&D are online they are playing either BIO (combative) Field Specialist(combative) or EOI(Idfk) when they aren’t on those jobs they are playing on a military donator job or level job. I understand that we are trying to bring back RP to the server but when we look at it. What’s the purpose of R&D? You do the same things as research just under the name Chaos. The branch has not been in a good state for months now And granted gamma command has tried very hard to fix it and I applaud them for that however it’s not turning Out the greatest. I feel that removing the branch would be beneficial to both research and CI military as it would bring in more numbers for both branches however this is just my opinion Please know that with this post I mean no dissrespect to the branch or the command it has within. This is just my opinion and I wanted to put it out there as I know others feel the same way
  10. +support for an unban however I feel that he should remain blacklisted from all heavy explosive jobs (sarkic, lambada-9, CI trap expert, E11 ambush specialist) just until he can gain trust again to not do the same shit
  11. +support this is the first time I’ve even seen catalyst on RRH too. It doesn’t set a good example. catalyst also plus supported this report so like
  12. +support not even on a DNT for MTF (not logged in any discord channels at least)
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