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  1. Pressing your jump key uses stamina similarly to sprinting - your stamina reduces immediately, and then repeatedly with a cooldown (so you can jump twice and only lose stamina once, but holding jump will cause you to not jump but drain stamina.) However, under the default controls, spacebar is both jump and handbrake. What I have discovered is that pressing your jump bind in a vehicle still drains stamina, meaning that you will rapidly lose stamina if you need to keep your handbrake held, unless you rebind your jump or handbrake to get around this. This could be problematic for situations on a hill which turn into needing to sprint somewhere on foot, for example.
  2. Your In-game: BruceyBoyo The player's name in-game: ChangeThisNowByoyo The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:1:207869351 What did the player do: Threaten to rape and kill another player Evidence (REQUIRED): What do you believe should happen to the player: Permanent ban (possibly blacklist if SMT feels it necessary) Any extra information: I already issued a 4 week ban. However as seen at https://gaminglight.com/bans/player/76561198376004431 this player has an extensive history of severe rulebreaking - with already having been banned 4 times for racism and once for homophobia, among other things. Due to the pattern of repeated and serious offences despite multiple chances, combined with the extreme nature of this threat, I feel that the server would be better off without this player's behaviour permanently.
  3. Your In-game: BruceyBoyo The player's name in-game: F U C C ethiopian food The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:1:185173267 What did the player do: Have 30 PoliceRP warnings Evidence (REQUIRED): https://gaminglight.com/bans/player/76561198330612263 What do you believe should happen to the player: 1 month ban Any extra information: Not much else to be said
  4. When you change jobs or die, your sprint speed is reduced to a low base value (possibly the old pro-gym-addon value?) and you will not receive your increased sprint speed in that life until you go to the gym and train your running speed once. For example I have level 8 running speed, which as a citizen means 11.93mph, however changing job to Citizen or dying will reduce my max speed to 10.23mph (lower even than level 1) until I complete a workout for my run speed once which will bring it back up to its level 8 value of 11.93mph. I have checked using cl_showpos and this does in fact reflect in the velocity with which you move (it is default until training at least once) This also means that government jobs gain no benefit from running speed levels, as switching to a government job removes the benefits until they train which is not allowed. (As they also cannot collect the trained fists within the rules, this means government officials benefit only from stamina and nothing else) I'm not sure exactly how best to capture this in a useful screenshot, but you can easily reproduce it (Have high level > Switch jobs > Sprint and see your runspeed/velocity is low > Use scales to see what it should be at your level > Do a 30 second workout to get that value to apply > See that you now have your proper speed for your level) If I was to make a not-very-educated guess, it might be caused by the job code implementing sprint speed by directly setting someone's speeds each time they spawn and thus overriding the addon's system until a workout causes the addon to recalculate and change it mid-life, but that is only the view of someone who can't see the code.
  5. Your In-game: BruceyBoyo The player's name in-game: BOOOB LOW The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:20154234 What did the player do: Have 45 PoliceRP warnings Evidence (REQUIRED): https://gaminglight.com/bans/player/76561198000574196 What do you believe should happen to the player: Permanent ban Any extra information: Likes prop minging, stealing gov cars and LTAP.
  6. +Support Why does it need to specify only 2 forms of advertising if all forms ingame are prohibited? The way it's currently phrased makes it common sense that you can use a /advert, otherwise it would not go out of its way to specify only physical objects.
  7. BruceyBoyo


    People have joined with plenty more warnings than that and gone far (including someone joining with over 20 and ending up as SMT) so 6 warnings is definitely not going to make it impossible to become staff. Forum reputation is unlikely to make much of a difference at all.
  8. -Support I don't think you're a bad person and you could easily be staff in the future, but I think you need to do some research first. As a staff member, you would need to understand and enforce a vast number of ever-changing rules as well as follow the staff handbook, and aside from the word count issue, this application has a lot of minor issues like no poll, improper title format and applying for the rank "admin low for now". As minor as it seems, if you have read the staff handbook and/or application requirements in full you should know things like the name of the staff rank you're applying for and how to format the topic title. This would be just as imporatnt after becoming staff when you need to understand rules, format warnings, etc. Good luck, and if you aren't accepted this time then I would encourage you to take some time to read and understand the format and staff handbook to a greater extent and then reapply in the future!
  9. Your In-game: BruceyBoyo The player's name in-game: CEO of Tax evasion The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:582038584 What did the player do: Have 32 PoliceRP warns Evidence (REQUIRED): https://gaminglight.com/bans/player/76561199124342896 What do you believe should happen to the player: 1 month ban Any extra information: A huge number of his warns are from repeatedly rejoining in jail, getting an LTAP warn, getting jailed again, rejoining again etc. Also shows no intent to RP (constantly steals government vehicles and prop minges, sometimes goes to SCP and gets autobanned there by AWarn counting active warns from PRP) and seems to only join the server to minge.
  10. Congratulations on one year, on everything you've achieved in that time, and hopefully you have another great year ahead of you in Gaminglight!
  11. I'm a little late on this, but Will, I remember being at the meeting where you got promoted into PD High Command and you will always be remembered as a historically noteworthy member of high command. With where things are now, it's strange to think that over a year ago I was accepted into Low Command by Assistant Chief Will, and with all the light-hearted jokes aside, you've done a lot for high and low command. Best of luck with the rest of GL, and with life!
  12. +Support Small file size, can be turned off at will by players and also looks extremely professional and impressive (as long as it wouldn't conflict with anything, of course)
  13. +Support Clear evidence of equipping and using a firearm on EMS, in extremely blatant violation of neutral class rules
  14. -Support It's already one of the best and fastest cars. It gets a slow start, but then it starts accelerating insanely quickly to a ridiculous top speed, one of the highest on the server if I recall (I've broken 120MPH with it). There are cars that accelerate faster initially, but I actually don't know if any government vehicle can match its top speed, and after the first few seconds it gets there pretty fast. It's an insanely fast vehicle if you need to go in a straight line, not to mention near-impossible to ram and heavy enough to stop any car in a roadblock, plus it has the utility of 5 seats and a handbrake that can stop it nearly instantly. The only issue is torque, really, because "getting started on a hill" is literally its only weakness.
  15. The most common reason is that Garry's Mod saves them upon quitting. If the game crashes or is otherwise shut down without quitting, they will not be saved.
  16. +Support The demotion system is, with few exceptions, reserved for staff or command members (normally not high command as stated above, but since Tayson is a Colonel none of his superiors are low command) and a staff demote shouldn't be done by an off-duty staff member unless they are high enough to use other staff powers off duty. While I appreciate Phamel's reasoning as to the action, it's a pretty simple issue. The line can be pushed a bit for AFK demotions as being AFK is not something that has any room for interpretation, but ultimately a USMS Enlisted member cannot decide upon the standards to which a PD Colonel should be held nor enforce them. That would be either an issue for on-duty staff or Senior Admin+ to determine if any server rules were broken, or PD High Command (mostly Deputy Commissioner+) to decide if the behaviour meets the standards and expectations of a PD Colonel. Tayson's attendance at the wedding, and the reasoning thereof, is therefore not a factor in the validity of this report - the use of the demotion command was not authorized and was against server rules.
  17. Glad you're doing so well in real life, and nice to see you back too! You were always a dedicated member and I'm sure it'll be great to have you around again.
  18. +Support Probably looked like intentional minging on MiKeY's screen but the clip shows a different context, would've hit the ground without the lag freezing both Amethyst and the car mid-swing.
  19. As Tactical said, best of luck! We always like to see new groups spicing things up!
  20. Weekly update post during the daytime? But that explains where all these extra FPS are coming from
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