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  1. Grade: 37/100 Overall, while this is an average interrogation, it is not enough for EOI standards. Efficiency: 10/25 I would say you asked a few too many questions about Command, I would've recommended only going with the top three ranks he knows. Also I would have recommended to ask more questions about G9. Insight: 15/25 You get a good amount of the D-5 Command, and the highest member of G9. While that is sufficent, I would have recommended getting more info on G9. Presentation: 10/25 While you have a custom format, it's not particularly unique, with only the intro being made by you. Writing: 2/25 There were a few grammar mistakes, additionally you had absolutely zero detail to torture. Additional comment: Please be thorough with your tortures. Please put in more effort for EOI grading. Overall: F Test quality: Approaching Expectations Extra Notes: N/A
  2. Grade: 52/100 Lore: 15/25 Lore accurate, as he has been asked what the pestilence is on multiple occasions, but not going much farther than surface level. Creativity: 17/25 As with most 049 interviews, you asked about the Pestilence, and while you brought in another SCP, you still didn't ask anything besides the basic questions. I would recommend asking some slightly different things to 049, like the origin of the pestilence or when did he first start noticing it. You get a few bonus points for going onsite to do it. Presentation: 5/25 Barely any color, and at your level, it is advised to make your own testing format, which will be favored upon. Fixing both of those things will net you a higher grade Writing: 15/25 You were a bit through with the questions, even with the time you had. While I like you had lofty goals, I believe you are capable of obtaining more info, if you do a continuation of this test. Test quality: Meets Expectations Overall, I believe if you were given more time, you could have achieved all of your goals from your onsite testing. Extra Notes: I would be very interested to see a continuation of this testing. Sorry it took so long.
  3. Grade- 95/100 Lore- 25/25 I agree with Cogs, Dr. Wondertainment isn't used often, if at all. Additionally, adding a log of agents finding it makes it beautiful. Presentation- 25/25 An actual custom format? Color key? Dialogue formatting? You have checked all these boxes, great work. Creativity- 20/25 While the effects were very interesting, It was a very standard test. I would to have liked to see a bit more examination of the gum & packaging itself, rather than the flavor, like why it caused an explosion when everything was eaten at once. Writing- 25/25 Incredibly through taste test, detailed, perfect grammar and punctuation. Test quality overall- Exceeds expectations! Amazing work Agent, I'm sorry it took so long to get an official EOI grade.
  4. Grade: 72/100 Efficiency: 20/25 Almost every single question you got a good bit of info. Good job. Insight: 20/25 You got him to rat out his fellow HTF, and explain who he is and what he does. I would have preferred seeing what his pals ranks were, but that is sufficient. Presentation: 15/25 There wasn't really anything that made it look it was yours, but that's okay. Writing: 17/25 Writing was clean and simple, and you got straight to the point in your audio log. Additional comment: You impress me Laki. Lets hope you have more insight in the future. ~Overseer Honeypot Overall: B+ Test quality: Meets Expectations
  5. Grade: 58/100 Lore: 13/25 Though I don't think that's how indoor humidity works. Also, according to what I've read, that lake will be coming for you. Creativity: 15/25 You simply just took notes on the environment, instead of thinking of an idea of your own. Presentation: 13/25 It looks alright, but there's none of that personal flare. Writing: 17/25 there was a few grammar issues, along with that large gap in-between the two sections. Test quality: Meets Expectations Extra Notes: I would have liked to hear more about what you did to the lake, like what machines you used and what methods. ~Overseer Honeypot
  6. Name: Zachary Rank: ARCH Discord ID: EpicSteamGamer#8917 How active are you on a scale of 1-10: 4
  7. Grade: 85/100 Efficiency: 20/25 Insight: 15/25 Presentation: 25/25 Writing: 25/25 Additional comment: We'll see what we can do to get a better bunker. Some more cash inflow could help. Overall: B+ Test quality: Exceeds Expectations
  8. Grade: 93/100 Lore: 20/25 Creativity: 25/25 Presentation: 25/25 Writing: 23/25 Test quality: Exceeds Expectations Extra Notes: In response to your concerns about radiation poisoning, may I suggest just making better radiation suits, perhaps using SCP materials? Also lovely log. ~ARCH Zachary
  9. Grade: 97/100 Efficiency: 22/25 Insight: 25/25 Presentation: 20/25 Writing: 20/25 Additional comment: Great job getting so much from him. Overall: A
  10. What are you suggesting? - Moving the HCZ wardrobe, which is currently in Temp Euclid, to the Under Construction room in Misc Containment. How would this change better the server? - It would allow EOI agents to access a wardrobe in HCZ without the chance of Event Team using the room, while still being behind at least one Level 3 door. Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - I don’t know if there are any future plans for the room. Additionally, it is a little easier to access than the current location. Who would this change mostly benefit? - EOI Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion- Current Location (left) Suggested Location (right)
  11. Name: Zachary Rank: Lane DiscordID: EpicSteamGamer#8917 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:203269622 What is your Activity? Piss poor, 2/10 What can be improved in R&D?: Me being active so I do things.
  12. Grade: 80/100 Lore: 20/25 Creativity: 15/25 Presentation: 20/25 Writing: 25/25 Test quality: Exceeds Expectations Extra Notes: I'd suggest a follow up, where you see exactly how much of the concoction is controllable.
  13. Grade: 65/100 Efficiency: 25/25 Insight: 10/25 Presentation: 20/25 Writing: 15/25 Additional comment: See me after class. Overall: B- Test quality: [65%: Meets Expectations] Extra Notes: How in the hell did the higher branches let you do the interrogation of such a profile? None the less, Excellent Work, Although your Lie Detection Skills could use a little work. Also, the document could be spruced up a bit, Give it your own personal flair!
  14. Took the words out of my mouth. Every time I've been own, so as he. He deserves this spot for all the work he's done for this branch. Definite +Support
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