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  1. Lore Name: Dick Harrison (Fellow researchers participating/observing were Lead Researcher Bernard, Junior Researcher Rainbow, and Junior Reseacher Funny} Rank: Associate Researcher SCP: 173 & 294 Question / Idea: Does the instances of 294 affect other SPCs, specifically 173/ Can 173 absorb anomalous property liquids Hypothesis: If we were to generate any sort of instance from SCP 294 and apply it to the body of SCP 173, nothing would happen, as SCP 173 appears to only be composed of mostly concrete and metal. Observations: After transporting SCP 173 to the CC of SCP 294, an instance of 294 was generated under the tag "PEGGU". We proceeded to pour it onto the body of SCP 173, causing some foam to occur on the surface. After about 30 seconds, most of the liquid from SCP 294 was absorbed by SCP 173 and was converted to a Rubber Duck( SCP 173-2). Further testing of SCP 173-2 showed the same properties of SCP 173, only being in the form of a rubber duck. This included providing SCP 173-2 with a D-class test subject, which was terminated by SCP 173-2 after researchers exited the containment chamber. After a period of about 5 minutes, SCP 173-2 was instantly turned back into the original SCP 173 state. Conclusion: SCP 294 appears to possess a great power, not only affecting humans but SCPs as well. I would like to suggest that we continue cross testing other SCPs with 294 for further studying and to possibly help contain or destroy SCPs. I would also suggest that, from the experience of this test, that we do not give SCP 173 the "PEGGU" instance of SCP 294, due to the increased difficulty of containing SCP 173-2. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Not at all.