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  1. is there any other improvements that need to be made or is it good to be accepted?
  2. i changed the player model to something a bit more cheaper than the original. i also put in the prices paid for the additions, and fixed the entity path for the guns
  3. Base Job Player Name: RTZ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:81597563 Custom Job Name:ST Shadow Leigion Custom Job Color:Black (0,0,0) Custom Description:Redacted Custom Model (LORE FRIENDLY Please) - Follow size prices below if over 4 MB: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=831527478&searchtext=star+wars Model Path: models/ven/tkcs/tkcs.mdl file size 13.095 MB, Paid by user 100$: STEAM_0:0:81597563 Base 200 HP One Primary + One Secondary: rw_sw_t21, cc2018_dc17msg $1000 Salary Bacta Injector INQUISITOR UPGRADE Paid by user 50$: STEAM_0:0:81597563 Name of Lightsaber:Black Death Color of Crystal: black (0,0,0) Model Path:models/lightsaber/Blackdeath.mdl length: 72 width: 3 Force Powers (Will be limited, some can be OP and will NOT be added) (5 MAX) Force Leap Force Push Force Lightning Group Heal Advanced Cloak ADD ON: Inquisitor Health Paid by user 20$: STEAM_0:0:81597563 Armor Paid by user 20$: STEAM_0:0:81597563