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  1. Jager

    Staff and video

    I understand the reason behind this new regulation even though it stinks!!!:(...jk;)
  2. Hope to see you again sir ~Valentino
  3. Wishful thinking though my friend...-support
  4. +support from what I have seen I can agree with the accusations and think the punishment fits the crime
  5. I can admit I did such so guys please don’t argue I will accept any punish that seems fit I’d like to thank the people that stood up for me, but it is true I saw Barry and Drippy speak in OOC in which I was completely confused as I had not actually read over the EMS rules simply out of the fact I didn’t plan to play as EMS. After which I contacted a admin immediately to confirm this rule and help me find it in the MOTD which we both failed to do at first but he did promise me “just trust me it’s there” and I did I admitted to Him that I had combat healed and he told me no I can’t do that after which that night when we were low players I took the time to REALLY sit down and read the rules WORD FOR WORD music a drink and everything I sat there for almost 20 minutes reading it top to bottom and before I won’t lie I wasn’t confident with myself knowing every single rule but now I am. I’d like to fully hearted apologize to Barry, and Zero I understand what I did was against the rules and do regret doing so..but in my defense I didn’t actually renter combat after healing you died Barry then zero by our ofc’s though my combat healing didn’t actually affect the gameplay I do still feel bad for not reading the motd carefully at first it is my responsibility as a player to do so. I have now and I’m confident it won’t happen again BUT I accept and won’t fight any punishment needed. ~Valentino
  6. Jager

    Bryan Gas

    HEY there we both play Police RP welcomeeee to our amazing community and server I hope you can have a wonderful time! If you have any concerns don’t hesitate to contact the staff team:)
  7. -support I agree with the people above