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  1. started mass posting on the forum after receiving this feedback so you clearly are just here to game the system. -support
  2. Townsend

    Staff and video

    you literally repeated exactly what Jimmy James said after SMT said it was explained perfectly. read the thread before replying
  3. who are you? ive literally never seen you on -support
  4. this evidence is absolutely not conclusive and a novice video editor could insert the sound effect easily, no logs and no indisputable evidence of a healing device being used or hp going back up
  5. -support no evidence of him breaking additional rules and 22 warns isn’t a permaban so automatically won’t happen
  6. +support video evidence is pretty clear cut
  7. I thought SCU is a CC??? doesn’t it cost money to join??
  8. -SUPPORT no poll, just started playing on the server this month so you barely have had any time here, spammed the forum to reach minimum post count and then immediately posted this thread. absolutely not ready for staff edit: and you actually have 11 warns despite having just started here September 2nd? clearly no regard for the rules either, that’s more than one warn per day
  9. agreed and furthermore I can’t bring to myself to support “trail mod” applications. if you can’t proofread a post title then I don’t have a lot of confidence in the applicant.
  10. he’s gotten 4 additional warns since hitting the threshold so it seems necessary at this point since console isn’t doing it
  11. he won’t be permaed if he gets his shit together during his one month break and stops breaking rules constantly
  12. Townsend

    False warn- Denied

    damn you def can’t bait staff bro that’s no good -support
  13. No dude you can’t come back