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  1. 1. Whats your in game name?: MC SG DIR SGM Elias 6142 2. Whats your steamID?: 76561198799348187 3. Have you read the Medical Corps SOP?: Yes 4. How long have you been on the server: About a month and a half. 5. How many warns do you have?: 0 6. Why do you want to be an Officer?: I would like to be an officer as I want to help grow the battalion along with helping lead it. My goals are to become a VCDMR and the DIR of research, one of which is now completed, and to create a fun and entertaining experience for all enlisted and nco troopers. 7. What Timezone are you in? And how available can you be on a typical day?: CDT, I am starting university in a couple weeks so I will be limited to evenings and maybe weekends as I will be working weekends. 8. How well do you command this Regiment?: I feel I am a suitable leader to medical as I am dedicated to creating a structured and organized battalion which entails promoting and inspiring people along with disciplining and punishing those who do not follow the rules of our battalion. 9. What makes you stand out from other applicants and what can you bring to the Medical Corps command?: I am prepared to put in the time to improve our battalion and make it one that stands out amongst others. I would like to bring my knowledge of real life leadership to the game and be an example of what medical is all about. I believe I can bring some fun and cool ideas to medical, I am currently working on a list of ideas I would like to bring to the table.