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  2. +support more immersion i love that
  3. i know it cost $40 to replace the model but what im saying is that model is already on the server so he doesn't need to pay for the pack that is already on the server
  4. bruh u know that model is already on the server and is CI so u dont need to pay for the $100 models/kuma96/borderlands3/characters/zero/zero_pm.mdl
  5. In-Game Name: Sammie SteamID: STEAM_0:1:127081876 Custom Job Name: MTF Kouta-1 Agent Color of Job: 255,250,0 Job Description: Kouta Agents are a task force of the best of the best. Stolen from the orphanage of [REDACTED] they were raised as a [REDACTED] group. Consisting of an all female force meant to please the [REDACTED] council member at first but later trained to be used for [REDACTED] instead. Led by their leader Sammie. The task force has been stationed at site [REDACTED] until further notice. Model Path: models/CSO2/player/ct_helga_player.mdl (model is already on server) primary weapon : tfa_barret_m82 + tfa_csgo_negev secondary weapon : tfa_csgo_elite medkit Adding 2nd primary $20 MTF Job - $50 extra (idk if this lets me get access to mtf comms and foundation comms. so lemme know if I gotta pay for that as well) please add my CC to /f and /mtf group chats lvl 3 keycard and a radio +100 HP - $50extra +200 armor - $80extra Elastic Restraints - $20 total paid $305 *edit +plus the $85 I missed site also missed one of my $50 donations if u need a transaction ID for that one $50 dono let me know
  6. Name: Sammie Rank: PVT Discord: Bell 5212 Activity: 9/6 Ideas for CI: n/a How do you think you're doing? What you think you can work on?{Command only}: n/a
  7. I just figured since it was a MTF cc it just must have been forgotten but if I have to pay then nvm
  8. MTF Eta-11 Savage Beast needs to be added to foundation and MTF comms please.
  9. MTF Eta-11 'Savage Beasts' CC spawns in CI base. Please put CC spawn in MTF bunks
  10. 86.8 days of my life watching anime ranked from 1 out of 10 from out of 650+ animes
  11. Ingame Name: Agent Sammie Job Name: Stie-05 Security Specialist Server: SCPRP Players SteamID you want added to the job: STEAM_0:1:127081876 The person that Paid SteamID: STEAM_0:1:127081876
  12. So today E11 and OMNI9 got new character models and they're just big errors signs for me. Anyone got a link to their textures. Would appreciate it