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  1. @Jay KAPP We need to see prof if it was PD cuffs of not please send us the video that you saw.
  2. Its not the place to report it but its trolling if you just put $1 and for the reason .....
  3. Well, @Jackk we are allowed to take our own sits it's in the staff handbook. But we should be making a sit about the issue.
  4. Heres the thing as senior admins we should know the rules. With that said it also takes a decent amount of time to become a senior admin, which means you are liked in the community, understands the rules, doesn't get a false warn report made basically every week. I have nothing against will but you are very careless with your power and I think its time SMT talks to you about how to fix your issue or whatever they seem fit.
  5. +support Active Low warns Nice guy Knows the rules - no poll - low forums activity Improve those and you should be good.
  6. Also you are a minge and should be perma banned. I have had to many issues with you.
  7. So my side. First off with everyone being home and what not a lot of people have been on so with limited people on duty and a lot of calls coming in some cases sit for a bit. The second thing is when I brought you I did say soon you will be getting warned for rdm and you asked if you can voice your side and I said ok you typed it out and while you where typing I was rewatching the video to make sure I can see you killing the man which in this case you said you didn't know where you were at for training. AS a long time member and a Gov player you should know by now that shooting someone without giving them warnings to leave or not being in the correct areas for AOS/KOS. And lastly, I have been here at gaminglight for 6 years and have never been warned I think I know the rules if I didn't I wouldn't be a senior admin SMT put me here for a reason.
  8. Ok so for starters we know yobo is in the wrong here, its clear as day and he was typing so you shouldn't have shot him. The second thing is on the behalf of FBI High command i apologies for the PA yelling and saying you cant recorded he is new and has not been trained. +support sorry yobo nothing against you but you know as High command you shouldn't be doing this.
  9. I mean I guess, here the thing people don't change and they can easily hold out and get 39 warnings and wait a year and be like this is an old warn can it be removed then just repeat.
  10. +support Knows how to treat others. Understands the rules and know the difference between right and wrong. Friendly nerd good luck bud.