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  1. Sorry but like we have all stated you cant be appealed. We do apologize but we cant lift this without lifting others.
  2. +Support What can i say he is a good person. I have never had a issue with him and he seems to know the rules very well, because i have never had a staff sit on him. Good luck buddy!
  3. - Support Sometimes we all make mistakes but in this case it was 50/50.
  4. - Support has 16 warnings which means you have had 16 chances to fix your attitude. I dont want to sound mean but thats near half till perma.
  5. +/- Support - No prof of warns sorry i would but i cant.
  6. The reason of you being warned for not complying with staff is because the sit was not going your way and you ran off the roof and kept running. The Spawn building is big and we where in the middle so you decided to run from the middle of the roof and ran right off.
  7. YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! + Support Jimmy He knows all the rules by heart He is the right man for the job! And im not kissing up to him but he is really good at what he does both in FBI and as a past staff member.
  8. +support This shows all of the above FailRPx4/Metagaming/NITRP. I would also like to recommend that the K9 Unit SOP be updated. As that K9 dogs cant smell money printers in real life, so i recommend someone add that to SOP ASAP. As for FBI our Director and Deputy Director are being briefed about this issue. P.S Will need all the reported players to give their sides.
  9. + Support Im willing to give this app some love please bring your forums activity up like alot but other than that good luck.
  10. +/- Support i will say you are active but again not sure if you mature.
  11. +/- Support I think you need to mature a little bit more. Needs to be on staff more. Other than that i have never really had a issue with you springs. Good Lucky!
  12. I think you would be a good fit but i do think you need to mature up.
  13. Wow damn bro you are to young for this im sorry this happened. If you need anything hit me up, please get better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I mean he should know not to have his physgun out. also lmao calamity