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  1. Euclid just means we can't predict it's behavior and is therefore dangerous
  2. I really enjoy SCP-1048. The collection of ears is a fun mini-game and would be one of the best SCPs to play IF SCP-1048-A (the reward for doing the work as SCP-1048) didn't make no sense at all. SCP-1048-A requires SCP-1048 to collect 3 ears to even be playable as an admin has to TP them to SCP-1048. SCP-1048-A is then required to follow SCP-1048 around the facility. When sighted together both are KOS. This bold text btw, is not mentioned in SCP-1048 or SCP-1048-As rules in !motd. What is the point of an SCP that makes himself and another SCP kos. Why have this role? It's useless and dumb. SCP 1048-A should either not be required to follow SCP-1048 especially if he has to be spawned at 1048. Or SCP-1048-A should only be KOS when apart from SCP-1048.
  3. Name: Clark Rank: Associate Researcher SCP - 008 Request Granted by: HOR Weiss "Accepted. Bring at least 1 CPL+ escort, RIG or MTF unit." Purpose: To curate a gaseous cure for use in event of outbreak Background Research: Traits of the SCP-008 prion include: 100% infectiousness; 100% lethality; Transmission through exposed mucous membranes and all bodily fluids; Not airborne or waterborne. Symptoms of infection with SCP-008: Flu-like symptoms, severe dementia, coma; death; sporadic cellular necrosis - resembles gangrene; Surviving tissue highly resilient; slow blood flow; increased muscle endurance/strength; total organ failure; Metabolism may decrease; high blood viscosity; Conditioned behavior, motor controls, and instinctive behavioral mechanisms are damaged; cognitive abilities are severely worsened and erratic. Animals experience excessive brain necrosis and are inactive. Subject can adapt to damaged nervous systems but is limited to basic physical activities, including standing up, balancing on two legs, walking, biting, grabbing, and crawling; Subjects will energetically move towards sights, sounds, and smells it associates with living humans. Subject will attempt to ingest living humans if physical contact is made. Neutralizing fully-infected subjects requires significant cranial trauma. Cure Development Test 1: Expose a D-Class to SCP-008; Cure Them with SCP-500 upon entering comatose state; Analyze how SCP-500 cures the subject Test Subjects: D-Class Billy Blueberry Escort: MTF Nu7 SSGT Artifex CNTN Assisted by: an ACM (Didn't get their name) Setup: Infected Target with SCP-008 Results: He reported no major change for 3 hours and 28 minutes as which point he began sneezing and coughing profusely; ; over the course of the next 8 hours subjects condition worsened complaining of the follow symptoms: headache, nausea, foot pain, sore throat, hunger pains, excessive sweating, nose bleed, loss of balance, and loss of memory until he collapsed claiming he was starving and we couldn't keep him here; at 12 hours and 23 minutes in the subject entered a coma-like state. At this point the subject was administered SCP-500 and kept for an additional hour in quarantine for containment purposes. He was then escorted to med bay where he examined by medical staff using an MRI, Cat scan, Ray, and blood tests. Results of medical examination showed an extreme increase in both the number of white blood cells and their effectiveness with all other vitals showing normal. While promising, not enough to develop a cure. Next subject will be permitted to reanimate before being given SCP-500 to determine if the results are the same or changed. Cure Development Test 2: Expose a D-Class to SCP-008; Cure Them with SCP-500 after reanimation; Analyze how SCP-500 cures the subject Test Subjects: D Class Rose / gardetto Escort: Security SPL Jack Sy Assisted by: Security CPL Jack S Setup: Infected Target with SCP-008 Results: I was cuffed and dragged off by an MTF who said nothing. I wasted 3 hours in game getting the right escort and dclass, dying and getting forced back to my dorms by breaches to be dragged off an told I had to get permission again because what he did wasn't wrong. I didn't not get to complete my test and I don't think I will. Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): It's not worth the effort to test on SCP-008. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Didn't get the chance to find out
  4. Name: Clark Rank: Junior Researcher SCP - 1025 Question / Idea: What symptoms of Dementia (if any) can SCP-1025 cause? During a neural scan, does the mind seem deteriorated or functioning similarly to a natural dementia patient? Background Research: SCP-1025 has proven capable of causing mental disorder symptoms, and in the past experiments used to try and determine the cause of these symptoms remains to be seen even through autopsy. Perhaps neural scans, which can be taken while the subject is live with little interference on the body, might provide clearer evidence of just how SCP-1025 produces these symptoms. Test: Dementia Hypothesis: I expect the subject to develop memory loss, likely short term memory loss rather than long term because of the limits the book has shown in previous studies. Setup: Interview D-Class personal to find one with a strong memory, spatial awareness, and balance. With a strong candidate chosen and their results of the tests recorded have them read the Dementia section of SCP-1025. Have them perform the same tests every day for a week. If the book has no effect their score should improve over the course of the week, if it inhibits memory formation the results should remain consistent, and if they worsen over time, it is causing memory loss. The tests will include both memory games and questions regarding their family and past before the foundation to cover both short and long term memory loss. Subject Notes:dewde D-1025-105 (D-115): Died in containment breach shortly after interview was concluded before exposed to SCP-1025: Test Results: Failure D-1025-106 (Bilbo): Good memory based on interview before exposure to SCP-1025; MRI scan showed signs of prior mental instability; after reading the Dementia section of SCP-1025 subject showed took considerably longer to recall information and often had to have questions repeated has the subjects focus would wander; MRI at end of week showed no significant changes: Test Results: Inconclusive D-1025-107 (DIO Brando): Got a score of 4/8 on initial memory interview, unclear if poor score is due to lack of intellect or interest in responding properly; dropped from test and returned to D-Block without exposure to SCP-1025: Test Result: Failure D-1025-108 (Vlad): Target is aggressive and uncooperative during interview, no MRI was able to be taken before exposure to SCP-1025 due to the target refusing to stay still, shows signs of disorientation and loss of physical aggression after exposure but memory seemed unaffected; MRI scans showed redness and mild scarring to the cerebellum; unable to determine if this was caused by SCP-1025 due to lack of prior brain scan: Test Results: Inconclusive but Promising, Further Testing Needed D-1025-109 (Jack): Original MRI shows healthy brain tissue with frontal lobe bruising, possible childhood injury? Shortly after reading the Dementia passage of SCP -1025, before the D-class could be re-restrained for transport, he pulled a knife and was summarily shot: Test Results: Failure Results: While some subjects showed early signs of dementia neither testing or MRIs showed conclusive evidence of significant change in the subject. This could be due to more complex mental disorders taking longer to develop, and I will keep an eye on the surviving D-Class to see how their conditions change with time. Analysis/Conclusion: Further research may be necessary as a result of the difficult nature of completing long duration testing in this Facility. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Inconclusive, will complete further testing on the subject at a later date if I can get approval for group testing on the matter, perhaps with a cell to contain a group of D-Class for observation. SCP1025-105-109.InterviewLog.xlsx
  5. Name: Clark Rank: Junior Researcher SCP - 1025 Assisted by: Junior Researcher JAWS Question / Idea: To what extent can SCP - 1025 cause genetic and mental disease? Background Research: While extensive research on viral/bacterial/environmental diseases have been researched, only one test to my knowledge has been conducted regarding SCP - 1025 capacity to inflict genetic or mental disorders. I shall start with Narcolepsy and Insomnia, both diseases relating to sleep patterns, they are primarily caused by disruptions in the brain waves of an individual and makes from a good starting point for this research. Subjects: D-1025-103 & D-1025-104 Test: Narcolepsy / Insomnia Setup: Two D-Class are taken to the infirmary where their sleeping habits are recorded. Then each are separately taken to SCP-1025 where 103 will read the Narcolepsy passage and 104 will read the Insomnia passage. Both will then be returned to the infirmary for further observation. Differences will be noted as they present themselves. Both D-class with receive Anesthetic before returning to D-Block. D-1025-103: Average sleep 1-3 hours a week; prior to containment high use of Nyquil; in containment 1 year; Psychical 49/100 - Reading Narcolepsy D-1025-104: Average sleep 4-6 hours a day; prior to containment same sleep schedule; in containment 6 years; Physical 91/100 - Reading Insomnia Results: D-1025-103 exhibited signs of drowsiness within 15 minutes of reading the passage and fell asleep even with excessive noise caused by the presence of Dr. Bright during testing. When questioned they were stated as feeling groggy even when active and fainted on several occasions during transport. Symptoms are stronger than predicted perhaps due to incredible lack of sleep the D-Class attributes to the stressful living conditions of the facility. D-1025-104 says they had difficulty sleeping, getting approx. 1 hour of sleep even in an infirmary bed with the lights off. Given a noise cancelling headset and calming music of their choice D-1025-104 said they got slightly more sleep, estimated at 3 hours. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: During observation during the 2 control days before introduction to SCP-1025 D-103 was shown getting a total of 48 minutes of sleep while D-104 was shown getting a total of 9.3 hours of sleep in the same conditions. During observations after 103 read Narcolepsy and 104 read Insomnia both showed symptoms related to the mental disorder in greater capacity then previous subjects had shown to diseases such as Small Pox. D-103 received a total of 18 hours of sleep during the 2nd 2 day period while 104 received a total of 6. Further testing may be necessary due to the unusual sleeping habits of D-1025-104. Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): It seems highly likely that SCP-1025 is able to inflict symptoms of Mental disorders in addition to bacterial disease. The extent of the effects seems to vary of the health and disposition of the subject at time of testing though further research is likely necessary to determine to what extent these factors effect the anomalies effects. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: In short SCP-1025 exhibits great capacity to cause mental disorders, though further testing will be necessary to see to what extent and severit SCP-1025 is capable of inflicting.