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  1. +SUPPORT -Best ST LTCOL ive seen in awhile (sorry void) -Does an excellent job leading one of the most mingest battalions -Deserves this position
  2. BTW, the 1st statement from me dosnt mean i dont wanna be VCMDR, im happy with beeing captain but i will gladly be vice commander. just wanna make that clear cause i dont wanna have people miss understand me.
  3. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : my current Ingame Name is MC EM CPT Krampus 3277 or just Krampus to most. 2. What Regiment are you applying for? The grand 69th Medical Corps 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? I do see no need to be a vice commander of the 69th, allthough i would fit that position, but i got asked by multiple people if i could not try to apply do to me i guess beeing one of the best known medical and one of the most respected and also i am good in a leaders position if im needed to be one. Also i wanna help Blarg so he dosnt have to do all stuff alone. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? now around 1 1/2 months and another 2 months in Dezember and January with 1 Week and 2 days total time, although i doubt that and assume it more to be 2 or 3 weeks do to my time from January on the server. 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? To keep an Eye over a battle and manage the Troopers of my Battalion to keep the support for others as high as possible, do Trainings to keep the efficency, watch over and work with the officers so they are ready for the next rank in the line And make the battalion to a capable force in general and keep it there, do Audits for the Enlist so they earn their Seargent Rank, Lead a battalion Meating and take Orders from Naval for example down to the Officers, NCO's and Enlist. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : I have now shown multiple times that im a capable Leader and that i know what i talk about, although like all medical i mess around and do funny and wierd stuff i have shown my compared groundedness and my respect for the Rank and for anyone else. You may not trust me, be it for my wierdness, my way of reacting to actions or may it be cause of my mental condition, you may not trust me but listen then to me and be so kind to give me a chance to show that im capable of doing this, let my actions speak, not my writen words. 7. How often can you be Online? : under the week its hard to say, work and all buti would say around from 6pm to 10 pm, on the weekends i can say clearly from 5 pm to 11 pm (UTC +2 Germany) 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : Yes. i own a Warning for Disrespectful behavior towards a Team member in one of my suggestions, i do not agree to it but i have it so no worth saying about this. EDIT: 2nd one, Warn for attempted RDM as i shot a ST that was screaming in his mic and was insulting towards another person.
  4. This is a List of all known Robert De Niro's in the Galaxy. This List might get expanded later. Robert De Niro the 1st: Imperial Spy who gave intel about a rebel base which later got attacked, he got killed by imperials who didnt even try to identify him. Robert De Niro the 2nd: Died in a Imperial Raid as he fired uppon Imperial troops for no reason. Robert De Niro the 3rd: Was Shot by a Scout Trooper while trying to Kill Vader. Robert De Niro the 4th: did the wrong turn and ran into 15 imperial soldiers. Robert De Niro the 5th: Shot Dead by his Leader for making a bad Joke. Robert De Niro the 6th: Got sliced in half by a RG. Robert De Niro the 7th: Got Shot by IF. Robert De Niro the 8th: Fought to the bitter End against a whole Attack Force- Robert De Niro the 9th: Rebel with unknown Location. Robert De Niro the 10th: Rebel with unknown Location. Robert De Niro the 11th: Rebel with unknown Location. (This File will be expanded with all my future Robert De Niro's every time i use them so dont mind looking in here in the future cause changes will come)
  5. =WARNING THIS FILE CONTAINS CLASSIFIED IMPERIAL DATA= =REQUESTING LEVEL 4 CLEARANCE AND ACCESS CODE= ************ =ACCESS GRANTED= =OPENING PERSONNEL FILE= ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name: Sinj "Krampus" Tachson Sex: Male Date of Birth : 28 BBY Height: 6'3" Eyes: Brown (red tint) Homeworld: Generation Station Ceta IV (close to the Unknown Regions) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Occupation: 1LT, 69th Medical Corps, Imperial Army Previous Occupations: - 31st Battalion Engineer, Combat Pilot of a Militia Education: - Imperial Army Trainings Camp: Basic Course - Coruscant Medical Academy: Surgery, Triage, Combat Wounds, GSW, Combat Surgery, Disease control - Imperial Army Officer Academy: Partiall Officer Training Medical Record: - Loss of the Right Eye do to Lightsaber Wounds Prostetic Eye has been succefully added - Loss of the Left Hand for an unknown Reason Prostetic Hand has been Succesfully added Criminal Record: - Multiple Murder Cases (None Confirmed) - Theft of a Fighter in 2 BBY and destruction of said fighter ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Psychological Profile, Performed by Dr /DATA_LOST/-_~ Strengths: - Total Loyalty Towards The Empire - Fearless of Injury and potential Death - Cold blooded Weaknesses: - Mentally Unstable - Partially Ignorant of Command Chain Fears: - Arachnids - Beeing Alone - Cold Coffee ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Born into a Basic Family on the Outerrim Station Ceta IV close to the Unknown Regions made the Life of Krampus quite boring and difficult, He pretty early though started having a immense sense of Imperial Pride and after he got out of Prison for his Earlier activits and after he payd off his damages done he did quickly join an Armed Militia as a Cobat Pilot, we would stay in the Militia for a while till he found out about smuggling activitys that he was unable to profit from and he left after he nearly died trying to get his share. He after that joined the Empire and Fought as an Imperial Trooper for Some Years before attanding the Academie again to Join 1st the 31st Battalion and later the 69th Medical Corps after he Recovered from his Wounds he has taken in Battles before that Day. After he joined the 69th he was placed on an ISD filled with a bunch of diffrent Troops meant to be an Elite Force the Empire could send in case something really has to be done quick, he really went up in his role thanks to that, sadly he was taken out of Service nearly do to getting Shot in the Stomach while in service and beeing out for a short time but rejoined the Service just a day after to keep the 69th running do to his emense self respect and ignorance of his Wounds. His Clear Insanity has given him quite a Reputation in the Imperial Army and in the Rebel Alliance which got him in trouble multiple times but he was able to escape any kind of attemp on his life or prevent attempts to get him out of the Army. Now he Just Remains a Wierd and Insane Medic you better not turn your back to. _______________________________________________________________________________ =CLOSING PERSONNEL FILE=
  6. My in game name is MC SG SSGT Krampus 3277 My Steam ID is: STEAM_0:1:130195925 Have you read the Medical Corps SOP? I have deeply studied the Medical SOP the moment i joined the Medical Corps and once again as I'm writing this Application. How long have you been on the server? I have been on the Server since around Summer 2019 and was a 31st Trooper back then until I was inactive for around 2 months do to personal issues. How many warns do you have? I have no Warns on this Server and only have got 2 warns in my whole time in Garrysmod of around 3k hours, these 2 were for killing without advert as an Assassin and Roadkilling someone by accident. Why do you want to be an Officer? I have become a Medical Trooper do to Badger, one of the few people I remember from back in the day, and I have enjoyed working with him and others in this regiment. I love the way we all work together and see great potential in us as a good Fun but still strict Regiment. I want to be an Officer to keep the Fun to the limit it needs to be and to keep the Regiment working to the degree it needs to be to not end like 31st on the Minge Regiment list. What Timezone are you in? And how available can you be on a typical day? My Time zone is UTC +2 - MESZ Germany, pls correct me on that if I'm wrong, I am very new to working with time zones so much and I just googled it so I know what my time zone is. I can be active differently do to the weird times we are all having, under the week I'm available from 6pm to 11pm in MESZ (12pm to 5pm in EST). On the weekends I can be there 2+ hours on both ends. How well do you command this Regiment? I have not yet really commanded this Regiment do to the activity of higher officers. I am though capable of Commanding a Regiment do to my 5 years of Training and knowledge on SWRP servers. What makes you stand out from other applicants and what can you bring to the Medical Corps command? I am a very Weird and partially Insane Person, I'm not saying this as a joke i literally am do to my partial Sociopathic personality which can surely throw people now off that didn't know that about me, no matter what, i am a great strategist and a complex and obstruct mind that surely could bring abstractivity to the Command of the 69th which could prove useful in case of a situation where logic does apply less. Of course my before mentioned 5 years of experience could surely also be of great help to command. Extras I'm pretty sorry for the shortness of this Application, i normally only am fine with an application at least 10.000 words long and double checked like 10 times but I do see no time for that do for personal reasons, I still hope it's enough for you to consider me worthy of this. I'm also sorry for any Grammar and typing errors, like you surely know, English isn't my 1st Language and while I'm surely fine with talking i suck at writing, so please try to ignore the Errors. Thank you.