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  1. What do you want to see? - Recently I have noticed that 31st have had little to nothing to do aboard the ISD when there isn't a event occurring. As a somewhat Passive RP battalion I feel having something to suit that would be beneficial for the battalion and General RP. Here's my idea; After events have Naval inspect machines in both Bridge and ATC, they would make sure that the terminals and systems are working correctly. Obviously using /roll 50 or higher the terminal or system would be fine 49 or below and it would need attention.. Why should we add it? - I think we should add it so that the 31st can have something to do. I've been hearing a big number of complaints saying 31st is very boring and strictly I don't want that. Obviously, since i'm only a CPL at the time of writing this I can't physically do anything except post this suggestion. What are the advantages of having this? - I think it would improve the general feel of being on a ISD, although people may not like going through all the extra trouble to get something to work, i'm sure no one in the comics or movies enjoyed have to repairs. I think this would also explain that the ISD isn't perfect, there will always be problems and that;s why 31st is a thing. Who is it mainly for? - This suggestions is mainly for the 31st Battalion. Links to any content - N/A -Sincerely Michael Scott from the 31st battalion.