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  1. damn this is a real pogn't moment
  2. What is your name?: Dominic What is your rank?: AP Who gave you permission?: RJ What squadron are you applying for?: Onyx What can you do to assist the squad lead?: I am very active and sense it's Summer I can almost always be on and I am definitely not a below average pilot. I can also take out ships quickly and pretty effectively. I can also help my SL by taking out ships when he is overwhelmed. I can also help by not flying in front of my fellow pilots while they are shooting. I also don't get in their blind spot because that could cause us to collide. What skills do you have to be apart of this squadron?: I am pretty good at tailing, and I am pretty good at not crashing every 30 seconds. I also make sure to not shoot friendly ships, and if me and another pilot are chasing the same ship and we start drifting towards each other, I pull off and find another target. Do you understand if you are striked you will be removed from this squadron?: Yes, I understand that if I am striked for any reason I will be removed from this squadron.