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  1. Lore Name: Albert Hofmann Rank: SCM SCP: 035 049 049-2 Question / Idea: Could 035 be placed on a 049-2 instance Background Research: 035 and 049 are known to be good friends Hypothesis: Personally I do not think that the mask will be able to take control of a braindead 049-2 instance but I am curious to see if it is possible and how functional 035 would be in that state. Observations (What Happened During Test): 049 was introduced to 035 cc. They sat and talked together for 10 minutes or so and discussed various goings on in their personal lives like old friends. Two Class D were introduced and examined medically by both research personnel and 049. 049 then Turned both D class to 049-2 and 035 was placed on the face of one of them. The zombie did not react to the mask whatsoever, the mask was then taken off and placed back on 035-1's face before it passed away. 049 then returned the d class to normal and 035 remarked that it could sense the d classes thoughts and learned all of its memories including childhood friends and the house it grew up in. The D class could not remember much because of all the amnestics hes been given over the years but some of this information was confirmed by our files on him. Both scps begged to retry the test on another date and temporarily refused to let d class leave unless they had permission to do so. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: 049-2 had no physical reaction to 035 other than visible confusion. 049 seemed disappointed that the test was unsuccessful but he did not display frustration. Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): I believe that 035 was ineffective because 049-2 was a more or less brain dead. It is believed 035 somehow attaches to or manipulated brain waves or functionality directly so it is natural that it would not work on 049-2 if this is true. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Yes
  2. Good length, good detail, the best possible team on board for the test. Good log.
  3. In-game Name: SCM Dr Albert Hofmann in Research, Plan to go as Alexander Shulgin or Sasha Shulgin in CI SteamID: STEAM_0:1:23927100 DiscordID: Andy and the Carrot Haters#9184 What division do you want to join (Military or R&D): R&D How would you rank your knowledge of the lore? Decent but not the best, I used to be really into SCP lore but just recently got back into it from playing on the server. Why should you be in Chaos Insurgency? (75 word minimum) I am usually pretty active on the server as Researcher and have made it to research command. I do a lot for the research department so I feel like I could contribute a lot to CI R&D. I have broken out of the facility and been to CI base around 4 or 5 times as D class but no one was available to train me. I would like to get to a rank where I am able to play as a Sleuth or Maynard and I am willing to put in plenty of hours playing as CI and helping with whatever I can as R&D to get to that point. I would really enjoy to be able to do sly undercover CI stuff and break out D class and what not. I do not intend to be running around blasting every scientist I see like most Maynards and some Sleuths I've been around tend to do What is something that sets you apart from other applicants? I am already in Research Command and have shown to be a great assest to the research department as far as leading, testing and training. I do enjoy joking around when the feeling is right but I do not minge and try to avoid doing anything that would annoy other people or come across as antagonistic. How active can you be? In my experience in research I tend to be extremely active one week spending nearly all my free time on the server and then usually a bit less active the next week so that I don't get super burned out over gmod. I still tend to get on a good handful of times during my less active weeks though. Do you have both Teamspeak and Discord: Yes
  4. +Support Extremely active, responsible and a enjoyable researcher to be around. Would be nice to have another person willing to host Mass Tests as it feels they have been lacking a bit and become a little less common these past few weeks versus when I first joined research. We've had some major events during the day that I have missed but not many smaller mass tests during the lower population hours.
  5. Lore Name: Albert Hofmann Rank: SR SCP: 049, 194, accidental instances of 049-2 Question / Idea: Can we introduce another humanoid creature to 194's CC and make him believe it is a part of his flock? Background Research: Very little background research was needed for this, I used my limited knowledge of the scp's and their physical characteristics to come up with the experiment. Hypothesis: 049 looks a lot like 194 and 194 shows to have the approximate intelligence of a bird so I believe that we can trick him into thinking he is a member of the same species and possibly even convince 194 that 049 is a potential mate. After this we intend to introduce D class that were brought along with 049 to 194's containment chamber and see if it will also mistake them for its own. Observations (What Happened During Test): 049 was instructed of the test hypothesis and then introduced to 194's containment chamber, after a brief moment of tension 194 seemed to believe 049 to be one of it's own and even started to take a liking to 049 and became very comfortable with its presence. This persisted a few minutes and we monitored the situation, shortly thereafter we introduced the 3 D class brought along with 049 to the CC and instructed them to act bird-like and make bird noises. They began frantically imitating chirping sounds and were visibly scaring 194 into the corner. We instructed them to calm down and chirp calmly and slowly but sure 194 warmed up to them and began treating them like his baby birds and 049 like a sort of mother to them, although there was one D class whom 194 distrusted and killed. After observing them for a few hours 049 was able to break free from his cuffs with the help of D class and some pecking from 194, he then "cured' the d class of their pestilence one at a time with large gaps between his experiments. 194 was visibly distressed by this and tried to guard the remaining D class from 049 to prevent him creating 049-2 instances from them. 194 attacked the instances of 049-2 despite the fact that 049 had commanded them to be docile, it seems he found them physically repulsive and could tell straight away that there was something wrong with them. Strangely enough he seemed to be aware 049 caused the change in the D class but did not become aggressive towards him, after killing the 049-2 instances 194 and 049 were totally at peace with each other again. Security then pulled 049 and returned him to his CC Evidence/Visual Stimuli: 194 is a giant humanoid bird, 049 is a humanoid with a birdlike plague doctor mask. A D class was mauled by 194 as were two instances of 049-2. Security placed and removed the subjects from the cc without fail. Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): After a debrief and conversation with researcher Elritch whom assisted me on this test we've concluded 049 was able to convince 194 because of his birdlike appearance, and the D class were able to be convincing because they were brought in the room outside 194's CC along with 049 as a sort of entourage. We think that if the D class were introduced alone the likelyhood of this experiment failing would've been much higher Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Yes, the experiment was a complete success. I plan to attempt a similar experiment again in the future with 1265-2 instances.
  6. It's all good dude I understand where you're coming from, you just want whats best for the server and all that. I definitely need to post more logs lol, I'm gonna be very honest I try to test as much as possible but clearly as you can see I dont post many logs, I usually just try to do more tests once I finish one to keep myself and others entertained. I"m not saying this is ok just that I am very aware it's a problem As for the training I've definitely trained a good amount more than 4, I believe Squash and a few other lower level researchers could back me up on that, I literally trained people back to back like 4 hours straight the other day then took a break and trained another couple people. Every time I have got on since becoming an RRA I've frequently advertised for training and I try to encourage as many people as possible to join research. Any time I have been online since making RRA I have been available and willing to train new researchers. As for discord I dont really post in main or anything but I definitely posted in dnt about a toxic player yesterday, have communicated with trainees and am always listening to announcements and what not. Again not making excuses for not posting in disc otherwise but I just want to clarify I have communicated in discord when I thought it was needed. I wasnt aware that discord posts were a requirement but I will try to be more aware of them and post more activity logs in there and pay attention to the think tank and stuff. I feel like I have a pretty good set of reasons for applying for RS but I can totally understand and won't take it personally if I dont get it for lack of more experience and forum/discord posting. Even if I don't end up getting the role it was worth a shot I suppose, no harm in trying and all that. Like I said in my original post my intention is to be able to use my role to positively impact the health of the server and be able to increase the amount of testing that happens while I'm online. I hope my actions on the server thus far have shown that I'm willing to take the role seriously.
  7. Name: Dr Albert Hofmann Current Rank: Senior Researcher Time in Research (Approximate): 3 weeks The position being applied for: Research Supervisor Why should you be research command, AKA what can you bring to the table that the rest of command can't? 100-word minimum); I am located on the west coast and am frequently online when the server is losing population and a lot of east coast researchers are asleep. I very try to run tests as frequently as possible and now that Ive been made trainer Ive been training extremely frequently. My intent (as I laid out in my RIG App) is to try to keep the server functioning smoothly and properly late at night and early in the morning when not many people are online. I hope to be able to train new researchers then keep them occupied and interested in the server by being able to give permission to new JR's to enter HCZ and test on certain subjects like 049 and if I do end up getting a RIG unit I would be able to be one of their escorts after doing so and help them through their first few tests if they struggle to get the grip of things. I am also frequently online during the afternoon/evening time est and would hope to use my abilities as low command to host mass tests as I see fit so I may further train and promote to AR the trainees that are showing the most potential. I thought I would wait until I reached lead to apply for this but I put it in anyways because I really do feel like making me a supervisor has the potential to positively affect the health of the server at both peak hours and the dead hours of the night before and after server restart. What will you do to make research more active and better? (100 word minimum)(Tangible items like activity, expertise or the ability to run trainings, etc)?; I had to wait 4 days to get trained for research and it's really all I wanted to do on this server so I am very empathetic to trainees having to wait and ever since being made a trainer I have trained recruits as much as possible every time I'm online. I played this server years ago when it was a totally different map and layout with not nearly as much structure and always enjoyed being in command and was a very productive member of the research team in those days, I want to be as critical of a research member as I was in those days. I believe my actions have shown that I wish the best for this server and the research division and wish to contribute to keeping it more lively and active at times when it is usually not. As I said I hope to be able to further instruct/help my trainees through tests if necessary and I would very much like to be able to promote the most promising new researchers to AR so that they don't get bored being JR's and lose interest. In my experience being JR can get very old very fast while being an AR opens up a whole new level of gameplay/RP for researchers. I simply wish to keep people interested and active as much as possible because I hate having someone sit through training late at night and then telling the new recruit that we cant do any tests because there's no escort or if they get bored of LCZ that I cant give them permission to enter HCZ and find some more interesting SCP's to work with. I believe that at least having the prospect of promotion is a great stimuli to keep new researchers interested and I would love the ability to do a mass test with a new batch of JRs late at night so that they can make some progress that they wouldn't have made otherwise. Much like my waiting to be trained I was stuck as JR for what felt like a very long time and found LCZ to get very boring very fast, I have seen the same result in many new researchers late at night that train then do a test or two and get off of the server.
  8. Full Name (Lore Name): Dr Albert Hofmann Occupation(Rank): Senior Researcher Current SCP:RP Level: 50 Requested Name(i.e RIG Unit [Number] [Name]): RIG Unit 88 Cubensis Who gave you permission to apply?(If applicable): Me Why should the foundation authorize your requested unit? (80 word minimum): I believe the foundation should authorize my request for a RIG Unit because I am frequently a very active researcher at times when the server has a very low population. I believe that if I am given access to a RIG unit I will be able to help keep the server functioning properly late at night when there are not enough guards for escorts. I am also fairly decent at pvp and have held down D block on my own as a guard despite the D class being armed with guns so I would most likely do very well defending scientists if a test went south or we are attacked by D class or CI. My ultimate goal is to reach low command so that I am able to conduct and permit HCZ research at times when the server is very low on players (such as around 3-10 est) because I am on the west coast and frequently find myself on the server with only 20-30 people at certain times. I believe if I have access to a RIG unit it will aid me in being able to train/recruit new researchers late at night and then escort them around for testing. Not only would this help train new researchers on their first few tests but as I mentioned previously in the case that I reach low command I would be able to for instance give permission to a new recruit to test on an scp such as 049 then switch to my RIG to be one of the escorts to help allow them to test. It is very common that 2 cpl+ escorts or even a single OFC escort is hard to come by so I truly believe that giving me a RIG (and perhaps in the future accepting my low command app) has the potential to help the health of the server late at night and into the early hours of the morning as well as the times I am active during the day. To help sway opinions I've uploaded a photo of the Soul Plane from the hit movie "Soul Plane" featuring Snoop Dogg. Please look at it while considering my application.
  9. Lore Name: Albert Hofmann Rank: Senior Researcher SCP: 049 Question / Idea: Does 049 feel feel compassion Background Research: We assume he empathizes like a normal human because he seems to care so much about curing the pestilence. We are unaware however if this is for altruistic or selfish reasons. Hypothesis: I believe that the SCP will show to have empathy like a normal human Observations (What Happened During Test): The SCP was asked about any family or friends it had and if it had been in a relationship. It responded saying it only had peers in its conquest to cure the pestilence but seemed to never of had strong social bonds. It said that it felt compassion for the peers that passed away and mourned their lost which leads us to assume he misses their companionship and help in fighting the disease, despite never identifying them as friends. It claimed to feel happiness and joy in the ability to help others with non pestilence related things, such as helping us with our interviews. He also claimed that his curing of the pestilence was to help others and the world and not because of his own personal desire to avoid living in a world filled with pestilence carrying people Evidence/Visual Stimuli: --- Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): We've concluded the SCP is definitely not a sociopath and doesnt even seem to be on the spectrum. Although he is known to attack and sacrifice any human life if they get in the way of stopping his medical research, it is thought he rationalizes this by thinking that his actions will save countless more lives. He clearly finds Joy in helping others and despite his ambiguous interpretation of what is good, bad or necessary it seems he does not wish to unnecessarily hurt anyone Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Yes
  10. +support Good lad, very helpful with my second session training as RRA
  11. Lore Name: Dr. Albert Hofmann Rank: AR Researcher SCP: 294, 049, 049-2 (4 Instances) Question / Idea: Would LSD from 294 make a scp 049-2 stronger (Continued) Hypothesis: After researching 294 I have found it to produce a psychoactive substance when the input "LSD" is entered. The substance seems to stimulate humans in tests with D Class and I wish to find out if it affects Scp 049-2 in any way. In my previous experiment it seemed to make SCP 049-2 stronger but so I think it to be true that it does in fact temporarily increase the strength of both humans and SCP 049-2 instances. In my previous experiment it seemed the substance had an effect but I decided the results were inconclusive. Ive decided to repeat it twice to have a more accurate final conclusion, I expect the same results. Observations (What Happened During Test): During the first test the SCP injected with 294's Hofmann sauce showed no signs of intoxication and did not seem to even register pain or discomfort upon injection, this being contrary to my first tests results. The SCP injected with a placebo then won the fight and there seemed to be little to no effect on the SCP injected with LSD. This was repeated to the tee with the second test, with virtually no difference between the two. I do not know if it comes down to improper dosage, too high dosage or that the substance was ineffective on the SCP 049-2 instances. They did not seem to show any physical signs of intoxication or increased physical resilience that is, more often than not, shown in humans so I do not believe them to have lost the fight due to intoxication. Unfortunately more tests will have to be done to discover if 294's substance does affect them, but I may have to set my research on the subject aside to move to more pressing matters. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: Two 049-2's injected with placebos beat to death 2 049-2's whom had been injected with a substance from 294 Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): Contrary to my last experiment on the subject the substance from SCP 294 did not seem to affect the 049-2 instances. I am not sure if this is because they are "undead" or because I underestimated the dosage. It seemed to have a strong effect in my previous experiment so I would like to up the dosage and try 3 more sessions. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: No it does not seem to be but mistakes may have been made so it is hard to say for certain.
  12. Lore Name: Dr. Albert Hofmann Rank: AR Researcher (Under authority of mass test) SCP: 076-2 Question / Idea: What is the intelligence level of 076-2 Hypothesis: I hypothesize that SCP 076-2 is as intelligent as any human but I feel he may have a strong lack of education Observations (What Happened During Test): I asked the SCP if it remembered anything from the time before it was in the facility. It responded by saying that every time it died it would be reborn in SCP 076-1 and would not remember anything that happen prior. I asked if it knew where it had gotten it's sword or how it was forged and it claimed ignorance. I then asked if it knew how swords were constructed and it claimed not to know. I began the more formal aspect of my test and asked about its capailities with mathematics. It was able to count its fingers, and was able to do very basic addition subtraction with them as well as multiplication (in that it was able to understand how to double small amounts) and it seemed to be fairly articulate in doing so. I continued testing it on basics for a while and deemed SCP 076-2 intelligent enough to warrant a full IQ test if it is willing to comply with one. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): The SCP seems to not remember anything about its past lives or how it came to be but it was seemingly as intelligent as any normal human. I recommend a full IQ test of the scp to more accurately determine its intelligence relative to a human. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Yes.
  13. Lore Name: Dr. Albert Hoffman Rank: AR Researcher SCP:294 Question / Idea: Would LSD from 294 make a scp 049-2 stronger Hypothesis: After researching 294 I have found it to produce a psychoactive substance when the input "LSD" is entered. The substance seems to stimulate humans in tests with D Class and I wish to find out if it affects Scp 049-2 in any way. I expect it to either have a positive impact on their physical abilities or if they fail to retain enough of their nervous system it is possible it may have no affect at all Observations (What Happened During Test): SCP 049 turned 2 D class into REDACTED. The REDACTED were then placed in a chamber, one was then injected with LSD, the other with a placebo. The REDACTED injected with LSD convulsed excitedly while the other injected with placebo had no reaction. The SCP 049-2's were then placed inside 049's chamber and he was told to command them to fight each other. The Zombies then fought to the death and the REDACTED injected with SCP 294's LSD won the fight. More research needs to be done to find out if this was coincidental or not, I intend to do two more tests in the same manner in hopes of confirming my suspicions, and combine them into a final report on the subject. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: The Zombie injected with SCP 294's substance convulsed and jump around excitedly. He then won the fight with the other SCP 049-2 instance Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): The LSD from SCP 294 seemed to have a strong effect on the SCP 049-2 instance, I believe it to have been the reason it won the fight. I need to do more research to find if this was coincidental or not. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Yes, or at least it seems to be.
  14. Lore Name: Dr. Albert Hoffman Rank: AR Researcher SCP:294 Question / Idea: What will happen when a D class drinks the mysterious liquid coming from the machine Background Research: With permission from Research Manager Tomato I have learned through experimenting with random letter combinations that the letters LSD will cause SCP 294 to produce a small amount of clear liquid. I have done tests with the substance and it appears to be something other than pure H2O, it has been shown to glow bright blue under blacklight. I intend to have a D class drink the liquid and record the outcome in my notes. If the substance proves to be relatively safe and stable I will have it analyzed for its chemical structure. Hypothesis: I hypothesize that something anomalous will happen when the D class drinks this substance, I will assume that it could be a fatal reaction because of past research on 294. Observations (What Happened During Test): Shortly after the D Class Drank from the cup he experienced wobbly vision and claimed to have a strange feeling in his head. He did not seem physically altered whatsoever except his pupils had been dilated. My Escorts and I watched him for a few minutes and then had him drink another cup of the liquid. The subject claimed the effects had increased and he was one again experiencing blurred vision and feeling very wobbly. We then waited a few more minutes and called the experiment a success. The guards and I took the patient to the med bay to have him examined but there were no Doctors on duty so Director Beanz instructed me to have him incinerated. While the man seemed to be physically and mentally fine at this point his pupils were still dilated and we could not risk the chance of outbreak if his state was contagious. It was safest that he be burned alive. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: The subject experienced dilated pupils, and an almost "wavey" demeanor and way of motion. He walked with extremely loose posture as if he were floating from step to step as he'd stride down the halls of the facility. The subject was giddy yet concetrated and seemed to laugh at the simplest of things. He seemed to become obsessed with the pattern on the walls of the medbay, claiming it was a masterpiece of art. Other than an accelerated heart rate and pupil dilation he showed no physical symptoms of distress. Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): After having the substance analyzed in the lab we've found the substance to be made up of regular water H2O and a psychoactive compound Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (C20H25N3O). The substance is physically safe and posed no threat of contagion to research or security staff, we still do not know if this would be able to kill a D class. More tests will have to be done on this substance to truly understand it but I feel it is safe to say that I am the first to synthesize this Lysergamide Compound and that is is well worth further research. Was Your Hypothesis Correct? Not exactly, while it may have been a somewhat anomalous occurrence for the compound to be psychoactive I was wrong in assuming it would be fatal. Based on my history with SCP 294 I had assumed it only dispensed toxic material but it seems that it is also capable of producing relatively safe substances. I will do more research and find out if this LSD can kill a human.