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  1. So basically with the new map Site-10 I'm seeing missing textures for mostly windows and floor not like on the older map so does anyone has the link to the full content pack of the new map? I've already got CSS content by the way so that's not the problem. Ex: In D-Block there is windows on the side like near the Cells, well I see them pink for some reasons same as the elevator window I see it a missing texture
  2. Damn that's sad : ( We're loosing everyone anyway I don't know you that much but you seem pretty chill ^^
  3. Bro why is everyone resigning not pog
  4. Wait we have to make a forums post?
  5. Rip Rainbow and Ritz but I wanted that CC so bad
  6. +Support -With the new arrival of Wardens, Escaping D-Block is way harder as their only job is to defend D-Block -D-Class CCs are not that strong compared to Gensec
  7. D is in fact a passing Grade but you got F for participating.
  8. - Support -Failed Kindergarten -Was unable to self detonate in a crowd of childs -Does not know how to correctly reload an AK-47 Overrall very unfit for the job
  9. +Support It's annoying to see mingy trainees just running around and body blocking you or minging around.
  10. - Support D-Block is perfectly fine as it is right now, Reforming it would take a lot of time and just make this situation bad for both Gensec and D-Class, also about D-Class CCs, Everyone that paid for them would lose their money, It's just not a good Idea..
  11. I still didn't get to be in your cc for real it's sad your leaving, It was nice killing non combatants with you but hope to see you around sometimes and I still remember that one time I killed you in a chainsaw fight that was epic : P
  12. +Support It looks like a great idea, plus it is true that sometimes being a Class D is meaningless like you just rush in and die until you kill all of Security just to get killed when you enter LCZ