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  1. Ok I will find one in the game
  2. I would love a refund then Plzzz give me a refund I was not prepared to spend this much money
  3. Hey man do I have to change it for it to work and if I change it do I have to do the form over again I am gonna resubmit the form can u give me the link to it?
  4. In-Game Name: PIMP DADDY SteamID:STEAM_0:1:460522813 Custom Job Name: PIMP CC Color of Job (MUST BE IN RGB FORMAT 255,255,255) : 72,0,255 Job Description: A CRIMNAL TRYNA SURVIVE ROCKFORD Model (Workshop Playermodel MUST be under 4mb, and the word Playermodel and Ragdoll must be in the title or description. YOUR MODEL MUST EXCEED THE HEIGHT OF THE 1X1 PLATE): Model Path: models/player/suits/robber_tuckedtie.mdl *Playermodel should also be tested extensively in singleplayer to make sure it is not broken in any way. We are not responsible if the playermodel that is added is broken.* Weapons (One primary, One secondary, Must be in the weapon pack for the associated server. MUST BE ENTITY NAME SUCH AS tfa_csgo_awp NOT AWP): tfa_csgo_negev, tfa_csgo_deagle