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  1. +Support 420 funni number almost as funni as 69 hahah
  2. ====Hack Starting==== ====Hack 50%==== ====Access to Redacted Document Granted==== SNR Agent Delta Bravo IF7 ===================================================================== Name: [REDACTED] Code Name: Delta Bravo Call Sign: IF7 Sex: Male Height: 5'7 Eyes: Blue Homeworld: Bespin ===================================================================== Current occupation: [REDACTED] Previous occupations: SF Pilot ===================================================================== Medical Record: None Criminal Record: [REDACTED] ===================================================================== Strengths: Piloting, Shooting people, and Blackjack Weaknesses: [REDACTED] Fears: Taxes ===================================================================== Backstory: Delta enlisted in the SF because he thought the uniforms looked cool and also wanted to blow things up, after passing the SF flight exam with a 64% even though he didn't even know how to fly a ship at all. he was made a pilot and then deployed on a ISD where he was actually taught how to fly instead of randomly pressing buttons on the console, after learning how to fly Delta quickly became a slightly above average pilot and even won a medal for shooting down (accidentally) a high ranking rebel pilot and due to him killing that rebel, Delta was chosen to go into IF, and that's where he chills and vibes to this day. ==== Redacted Document Unauthorized Access Detected ======= ===System Shutdown In 10 sec=== ===Downloading data to rebel command in 15 sec=== ===System Shut down in 5 sec=== ===Downloading data to Rebel command in 10 sec=== ===System Shut down=== ===Downloading Data to rebel command uncompleted data Lost=== *Guys I stole this format from Violet Rose who stole it from Omega Delta, please don't tell them they will take away my chocolate milk privileges*