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  1. Holy shit this was very well done. Le plus supporte
  2. +Support Active, great at combat, and a very nice person.
  3. +Support but red +Active as hell +Great head clicker +Knows the rules, and follows them. +Knows how to roleplay
  4. Just chuck a nade in there, problem solved
  5. -Support but green The hole goes both ways.
  6. +support unban this man and get him into 05 :pog:
  7. +Support RFM Rektify seduces you RFM Rektify has rolled a 100
  8. +Support This is a very well done application. Despite what others say, I have seen you on medical quite a bit. I believe you would be a good choice for 05 medical.
  9. Pie


    Resigned gang, See you around
  10. Just temp ban him. Why would you give out a perma for this?
  11. +support Lore wise this makes sense. I don't see why not.