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  1. Name : Comet Rank : EXS SteamID (REQUIRED-Invalid if not given) : STEAM_0:0:69028617 Activity on a scale of 1-10 : 1 Anything which you'd like to note? : Since I'm security CMD, I take priority over that instead of utility.
  2. Name: Comet Rank: 2LT. Date: 7/19/20 Duration of LOA: 7/20/20 - 7/23/20 Reason: Birthday celebration.
  3. Name: Comet Rank: MSGT Current FTO Rank: FTO Current RCF Rank: JRCF Why should you retain your rank (Command ONLY | 150+ words): Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: N/A
  4. Name : Comet Branch(es) : Medical and Technical Rank(s) : RFM and JR Tech How would you rate your activity? (1-10) 7 Any changes you would like to see: Working coffee machine and vending machine Any notes or questions: N/A