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  1. You got multiple verbal warning by me and bazooka
  2. and he spawn props all over D Block
  3. I gave him an verbal then an formal+jail then he got banned
  4. I was told i can jail for 600 No they get warned first just like u
  5. https://imgur.com/OFgViHk there is prop logs No we dont
  6. There are prop logs showing him as an d Block spawning in props
  7. I only have to warn once the other stuff is jails and then ban
  8. https://imgur.com/pUrx344 There is the warn
  9. I warned him the first time
  10. I warned him you can check warns when it did it the second time i jailed him then he did it the third time
  11. The first time i warned him then when he did it again i look on the staff hand book it said jail for 600 secs so i did then bazooka said that he prop abused again so i looked and it said one day ban https://imgur.com/zrP1ENR