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  1. You are now Accepted I will DM you in Discord on how to get your whitelist
  2. You are now Accepted I will DM you in Discord on how to get your whitelist
  3. You are now Accepted into GRU I will DM you in Discord how to get you whitelist
  4. ___________________________________________ Ingame Name: RU DHOA DSLT MAJ Rep SteamID: STEAM_0:1:164102180 What date did you start playing the community: 6-7 months ago When did you create your forums account: A week ago What is your current ULX rank on the server: Platinum How many warns do you have on the server: 0 What timezone do you live in: Central Timezone How often can you be on: All the time besides being asleep, going to school and taking sometime to rest my eyes. Why do you want to join the Event Team: I have noticed when GMs get on the player count goes up like by 20 players to 15 and I have taken 5 theatrical and improv classes and I would like to put it to use. What is an example of an RP event you would host: A new threat emerges from the sand dunes an New Islamic Terrorists come from hiding after hitting Russian and US Ammo and Weapons Depots they come to Free and imprisoned leader the leader calls them the New Way they want to free Saudi Arabia from the Tyrannical Clutches of the US and RU. RU and US Forces must work together to not let the leader get out of there hands and back to lead the New Way forces (At some point if they fail to hold him and the Event Characters kill all that are protecting the leader they will bring him to tali town then GM will cloak them as if they got away then there will be a Part 2) if they can protect him there will be no part 2 but there will be a reoccurrence of them and they will attack both bases. ___________________________________________
  5. You have been Accepted to GRU. You will get a PM from me giving instructions on what to do to get the whitelist