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  1. -Support Insufficient Evidence: - Video does not show the "violator" combat healing - For all we know you could've just added the sound effect in a video editing software such as Premiere - There is NO WAY to prove he explicitly combat healed
  2. + Support - shouldn't be warned twice for one thing
  3. I asked the officer and he told me he did not like this (not in the clips.) Regardless, even if they were enjoying themselves, they are breaking the rules of the server which is why I believe a punishment should be given. The officer drove in the direction of the players because he saw this prop mingery which interfered with his roleplay as he was PTing somebody.
  4. -Support - not active enough, haven't seen you on PD - I believe you need more recent experience before attempting to apply for low command ~Captain LP
  5. Your in game name: benzene Your Steam ID: 76561198230084948 The player's in game name: OG MAGIC The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:1:106454852 What did the player do: Mass prop minging Evidence (required): What do you believe should happen to the player: Ban from what I read in the staff guidelines. Any extra information: No.
  6. I like my title LMAO. Seriously though, keep going up the chain of command, Will, don't stop!
  7. + SUPPORT - Professional - Always there to help - Knows his shit - Been LT of long enough lmao - Deserves Captain Good luck Chip!
  8. large person

    Bryan's LOA

    It's not that you can't, it's that there is no activity requirement for enlisted and supervisors. This is not the case for low and high command, which is why we have to fill LOAs and why you don't. Also if you look here: On the third line it says Command Only. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me. ~LP
  9. Name: large person SteamID: 76561198230084948 Rank: Captain Length (Provide Dates): 09/02/20 --- 09/10/20 Reason (If private say N/A): I am moving. The dates may be extended or reduced depending on when I can get a stable Internet connection. ~lp
  10. +SUPPORT - he may be a simp but he is an excellent major and will make an outstanding colonel.
  11. I love his meetings. Good luck, ~LT large person
  12. Plus Support: I'm tired of spamming ammo and nothing spawning because I was accidentally hitting the Platinum ammo.
  13. PLUS SUPPORT: - Active - He knows his shit - Actual EMT - Fun to talk to on the job - professional - this guy deserves it more than anyone else Good luck, ~LP [PD: SM, EMS:EMT, DISP: PROB]
  14. PLUS SUPPORT: - I'm sick of getting my car stolen every 5 minutes and having to walk back to PD. These people don't learn.