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  1. Name: WARREN TALOS Rank: RCT Discord: THICCBOIIII#8620 Activity: ACTIVE Ideas for CI: NONE not that it cant be better i just dont have ideas
  2. can i have a shotgun or a sniper for the 2 added guns
  3. ok so does the medkit and the keypad hacker count as a weapon
  4. YAH but the when i add more than 2 waht can i have ? or any but not the restricted weapons
  5. i want to make a d-class but im having trouble chosen the weapons is there a list for guns that the d-class can use
  6. In Game Name: warren talos Steam ID: 76561198086678367 Your Discord ID/Name? (Example of One: [GL] Mike#2480): THICCBOIIII#8620 How Many Warns do Have? (Server Warns Not Mil RP or Imp RP just SCP-RP: 0 Why would you like to join MTF Nu7 "Hammer Down?" (125 Words Minimum): when i see the nu 7 i see a brother hood and every one cares about the other and i would like to join this brother hood there is some more about them but i will finish it like this You are an Nu7 Enlisted Standing in your bunks and a Nu7 Officer (2LT) Begins to Diss and Argue with other MTF and CI. Who would you report them to?: join in the talk to know my officer better and the others If you have received a strike in another Branch: How long ago was it and why? (If you haven't don't fill this part out):no What other branches have you been a part of, if you are still in them what rank are you in the other branch?:NONE CAUSE IM TRYING TO JOIN NU7 Do you agree to be active and be dedicated to play on Nu7 for at least an Hour a day (If possible?): yes i can play for an hour Did anyone recommend you for Nu7? (If not just say No): MTF Nu7 SGT Sammie D016