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  1. + Support - Damage Buff would be very effective on battlefield for mid range engagements - The boost would also help if we were pinned down in a tight position
  2. 1.Whats your ingame name?: ST SCTAL CSM Cryos 5567 2.Whats your steam id?: STEAM_0:0:424859507 3.Did you read the ST Sop?: Yes 4.How long have you been on the server: About a month 5.How many warns do you have?: possibly 1 6.Why do you want to be a 2LT: To have a better relation between command and Sts 7.What Timezone are you?: Est 8.How well do you command this Regiment?: Good 9.What makes you stand out from other applicants?: I am a dedicated player and am willing to put in the time to help Sts with beginning in the server
  3. +Support +Awesome Idea +Adds more options in RP scenarios