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  1. Major + Support - Dedicated - Puts time in to help troops - Please fix the poll
  2. -IGN: Daedalus -Current Rank in Medical (NOT Research): Surgeon Sgt -Why do you think you deserve this rank? (Longer the Better) I've had major dedication to medical, I was only gone for a little bit because of school. Plus I would only do experiments to better the ISD as a whole, not to just be a minge. Furthermore, I'm not a minge, I've had dedication ever since I have first joined, Not one time has my dedication wavered. I have respect for the higherups, as I am an officer in 501st. I also have experiment experience since I am one. -Why should we trust you with this Rank? I have Major respect for medical and what they do, so I would never do anything to try and jeopardize my time in the server or the medical battalion. -Give one example of an experiment (Can go above and beyond) So an experiment I have in mind, Trying to make the best super soldier. I would have many vials of mixed fluids(whatever they may be), First: Get multiple subjects for each vial. Second: Strap the subiect down so if the fluid makes him go beserk. Third: Inject patients with 1 vial each patient. Fourth: Wait a couple mins for effects to kick in, then unstrap patients and have them go about their day. Fifth: Have them come back im two weeks time to test out their reflexes and strength. Sixth: Record data. Seven: Profit -Do you have any strikes in medical? (If you do why were you given that strike) No I have not gotten any strikes in medical.
  3. +Support I've seen the guns now in action and to be honest they need that boost
  4. Job Name: 412th Smiths' Battalion Model Path: Enlisted Trooper: models/gonzo/imperialjumptroopers/ijptrooper/ijptrooper.mdl NCO: models/gonzo/imperialjumptroopers/ijplieutenant/ijplieutenant.mdl Officer: models/gonzo/imperialjumptroopers/ijpsergeant/ijpsergeant.mdl VCMDR: models/gonzo/imperialjumptroopers/ijpofficer/ijpofficer.mdl CMDR: models/gonzo/imperialjumptroopers/ijpcommander/ijpcommander.mdl Weapon Kit: Enlisted: E-11T (rw_sw_e11t), EC-17( rw_sw_scoutblaster) Dark Binoculars (rw_sw_bino_dark) dradio NCO: E-11T (rw_sw_e11t) EC-17 (rw_sw_scoutblaster) Dark Binoculars (rw_sw_bino_dark) dradio Officer: E-11T (rw_sw_e11t) EC-17 (rw_sw_scoutblaster) Dark Binoculars (rw_sw_bino_dark) DP-23 Shotgun (rw_sw_dp23) cross_arms_swep dradio VCMDR: E-11T (rw_sw_e11t) EC-17 (rw_sw_scoutblaster) Dark binoculars (rw_sw_bino_dark) DP-23 Shotgun (rw_sw_dp23) DLT-19 Heavy Machine gun (rw_sw_dlt19) cross_arms_swep cross_arms_infront_swep dradio CMDR: Exact same as VCMDR Health: Enlisted: 200 NCO: 300 Officer: 450 VCMDR: 550 CMDR:600 Armor: Enlisted: 100 NCO: 250 Officer 300 VCMDR: 450 CMDR: 500 Description (Optional): Have you ever been worried about your gun someday failing you? Do you feel your gun is not living up to it's potential? Well now you don't have to worry anymore! Here comes the 412th Smiths' Battalion! The 412th is Primarily a passive RP battalion, In which they will take your gun, fix it for you, and hand it back to you like it just came out of the factories on Kashyyk. Besides just being a Passive battalion, the 412th could also hold their own in a fight. With their specially modified E-11Ts, They can lay suppressive fire down a hall and give Troops the forward momentum they need to drive back the enemy. They could also hold down a certain section of the battlefield and keep it from getting overrun. Now going back to the ISD, In the Armory we will regularly check supplies and ask for a possible restock on supplies. Also while in the Armory you are to be Semi-quiet, Weapons Holstered, and Gunsmiths have the Final say over the Shop. Now another thing with these repairs, This is a given; we DO NOT CHARGE FOR A REPAIR. Charging for repairs is stupid and it wastes peoples money that they could be using for other things like crates and/or gambling. Our bunks will be on the first floor of the ISD in the center hallway with two rooms, one being for enlisted, and one for command( I would like officers to spawn in the armory if possible). Moving on to the Armory itself, I would like to have the armory placed across the hall from SHB control room(if this is not available I am flexible to try any room as long as it has the space), as this would grant troops easier access to the Armory and it's services. If you need more information I have an SOP here:
  5. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : Stormy 2. What Regiment are you applying for? 501st Vice Commander 3. Why do you want to be a vice commander of this branch? I want to be a vice commander of the 501st because I want to ensure that the 501st stays at peak preformance. A big reason I want to become vice commander is because I want to help the commander and other vice commander with their duties if it becomes too overburdened. As Vice commander I would make sure all troops have something to do such as patrols, training etc. I will also personally do trainings for the battalion if no officers or NCOs are on. The secondary reason I want to become Vice commander is to make sure all rules of the battalion are followed. As Vice commander I want to make sure there is no mingery in the 501st, ever. I also want to be able to have better connections with other battalions, by that I mean to do trainings with them to make sure everyone is in tip-top shape. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? 2-3 weeks 5. What is the Main Purpose of a Vice commander for a branch? The main purpose, That I believe, a Vice Commander has in their branch is to uphold their battalion and make it look as pristine as possible. Another purpose they have is to have good relations with their troopers in that battalion. Whilst maintaining professionality, they should also be friendly and kind of chummy with the battalion troops. This means doing trainings, assisting with tryouts at any point if needed, and other things. Moreover The responsibilites of the Vice commander is to keep the battalion running like a well oiled machine, and maintain friendly connections withing the battalion 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : I've been dedicated to the 501st ever since I had joined it. My alleigance to the 501st is unwavering, and will remain to be unwavering. I have had a lot of experience commanding battalions such as STs, Scouts, and 501st. I've shown that I am not a minge and will carry out my duties with most seriousness. I try to be on everyday unless I have work, or other responsiblities to tend to. I will prove what it takes to be a Vice commander to The Command and the community. 7. How often can you be Online? : Almost all day unless work or other related matters 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : No warnings as of my knowledge
  6. What is your name? Faux What is your rank? TP Who gave you permission? Matrix What Squadron are you applying for? Cobra What can you do to assist the Squadron Leader? I can assist with doing certain training with the squad to make sure they are in tip top shape. I have been a 501st officer, and I have different training ideas to help Cobra squadron be the best it can be What skills do you have to be apart of this Squadron? I can fly transports effectively, and make sure the troops get from point A to point B. I can also protect transports effectively with any ship from the rebel scum Do you understand if you are striked you will be removed from the Squadron? Yes I understand and accept that if I am striked I will be removed
  7. What is your name? Faux What is your rank? FP How long have you been an Enlisted? About 2 weeks What rank are you applying for? EP How many strikes do you have? None Why should we trust you with a NCO rank? I am a dedicated member of the server, I will do consistent tryouts and only accept the best so there is no more mingery and bring glory to the SF and the empire. I alsso was in the 501st and now what to look for in certain trainees. I don't just want numbers for the SF, I want dedicated #s who are willing to do their part to progress the SF. If possible as NCO I can run PT on minges to ensure they wln't minge around again. What can you do to assist Officers with this rank? I can run consistent tryouts and if possible do patrols and training with the enlisted and give them tips with flying. I can also take the weight of doing consistent patrols with the enlisted, and ensuring their flying is in top shape. I also will watch enlisted closely and report any serious wrongdoings to my higher-ups to have action taken. Do you agree that if you are striked within the first week you will be put back down to the Enlisted rank? Yes. I fully understand and accept This has been edited
  8. + Support - Damage Buff would be very effective on battlefield for mid range engagements - The boost would also help if we were pinned down in a tight position
  9. 1.Whats your ingame name?: ST SCTAL CSM Cryos 5567 2.Whats your steam id?: STEAM_0:0:424859507 3.Did you read the ST Sop?: Yes 4.How long have you been on the server: About a month 5.How many warns do you have?: possibly 1 6.Why do you want to be a 2LT: To have a better relation between command and Sts 7.What Timezone are you?: Est 8.How well do you command this Regiment?: Good 9.What makes you stand out from other applicants?: I am a dedicated player and am willing to put in the time to help Sts with beginning in the server
  10. +Support +Awesome Idea +Adds more options in RP scenarios