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  1. Basically use your best judgement haha if I need to donate any more let me know. Also I’d like to keep 20 so I can buy into Poniks cc
  2. I did. I want to add lockpick and change my name. The other 20 is going towards buying into someone’s custom class later on. Ponik’s Vladimir Putin But I do have everything listed that I want. Anything left over can be donation
  3. I'm going to switch my NEW playermodel with the Noscoped jfk model. i think snar has the model maybe and a few others. Give me a few minutes and ill have everything done!
  4. so i found one for blackburn but i could not find one for the ncr ranger
  5. In-Game Name: CJTheGorilla SteamID: STEAM_0:1:536147211 Custom Job Name: Silverback who paid for it: STEAM_0:1:536147211 Noscoped JFK model being added- Paid 70$ SHOULD only cost 30 Old Playermodel : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=775578849 old playermodel path : models/player/ncrreddeathranger/reddeathranger/red_death_ranger.mdl New playermodel : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=651395411 new playermodel path: models/player/spike/noscopedjfk.mdl Change CC name to Gorilla. please remove silverback-10$ Add lock pick-10$ if I have enough left over id like to add advanced keypad cracker too please! Proof of purchase in the pic down below And any money left over can be donated to the server
  6. I apologize for the inactivity guys. I have been focusing on ARU and crim a lot lately. I am sorry for not making time for EMS. I feel as if it is not at rewarding as the other departments if you know what I mean. I have met some cool dudes on here for sure! I just don’t want to disrespect you folks and be on the team yet not do anything. I don’t think that is right. I appreciate the opportunity you have given me for the short time i was with you folks. Thanks again and God Speed
  7. Hey! I was wondering I have a gorilla I would like to change my player model to. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=728472987&insideModal=0&requirelogin=1 this is the model I would like to switch or ADD depending on price. Thanks in advance!
  8. Name: CJTheGorilla Rank: SA Date: 7/3/20
  9. its already been closed
  10. Staff please remove this. i dont wanna report him now haha. we have settled
  11. you didnt even tell me once to stop or else i would have. i only treated you poorly because you were being ignorant and treating me like garbage. if i was so rude to you why did i only get one staff dis warn also i wasnt even close to the sit when it started. you think you would have seen a big red jeep spawn out of no where and just realize someone was just getting a car out of dealer nor did i yell btw. i know nothing is solved with that. i do apologize if i raised my voice but had you been in my position you would have done the same thing
  12. I'm sorry i dont. but a handful of witnesses. Frog also saw it im not sure if he will be a witness but i know Will the admin heard him talking about how he did it. Frog WITNESSED it.
  13. Your In-Game Name: CJ UMC Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:536147211 Staff member's In-Game Name:Luckygoose What did they do? i was far away from a staff sit he conducted about mentioning protesting. FAR AWAY lol. i go over to dealership to grab a car i spawn the car then he picks me up and freezes me. THen throws my car in the air proceeds to destroy it then i will admit i did staff diss. I said what the fuck asshole. (pardon the language) But i was upset. and did get warned for it. so then he brings me atop the dealership roof. freezes me there and says oh you wanna act like that then you can sit right here. then i called will on a sit. as soon as goose saw will he unfroze me and brought me down. so then i called a sit again we proceeded to argue. i was really angry at this point because not once have i had a problem with admins. this one guy was treating everyone like dirt and was abusing phys gun abilities. Evidence (REQUIRED): I dont have evidence but moderator will witnessed him admit he treated me poorly and abused admin power What do you think is an acceptable punishment? Honestly i want him stripped of admin. He is not mature and level headed enough for that responsibility.