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  1. The Start Laz was Born a Clone, He was made in Kamino and was generically enhanced by the Kaminoans, and was apart of the first batch of Republic Commandos. During simulations Lazz would tend to go off on his own, Sneaking around and preferred to silently complete his task alone without any help from his Fellow RC. While Growing up Lazz would distance himself from his brothers and almost always silent, when ever Lazz did speak on a topic, His brother almost never questioned his word. Lazz Grew up with 3 other RC who's roles where soon assigned, There was the squad Lead: ArchAngel who was a born leader and charismatic Fighter who Painted there Armor Orange. Onix the teams demolitionist, a Hot head who never backdown from a fight who armor was painted Yellow. Camelot The Tec expert, who's head could hack a door just by looking at it, and had Green armor. And Lazz the Teams Sniper and Recon, a Man who never missed a shot and was only seen when he wanted to be, and had Blue. Together They Formed HOPE Squad, they specialized in High Orbit Precision Entergy. During the clone Wars HOPE squad had taken part in a lot of the Key battles. During the First battle of GEO Hope Squad was tasked with Finding and killing a CIS scientist who was the first to start research into the B3 battledroids. After that there where present in a large Number of battle, and where involved in Almost all Key battles during the clone wars. Durring his time Lazz had grown a Strong bond with a Jedi Knight named Morgana. Lazz and Morgana Grew a very tight bond, Over the course of the War he would sneak away from his post to see her, but soon It would cost him one of the worst mistakes of his life. Nearing the End of the Clone Wars Morgana was Captured by a Trade Federation Spy and was being Smuggled to deep within CIS The control. Jedi Master Treetower was Dispatched with HOPE squad to recover her and stop the Trade federation from smuggling Slaves and POW's within Republic Control. Nearing the end of the operation HOPE squad and jedi Master Treetower had confronted General Kiakisa, a CIS madman who was entranced over cruel traps. Durring there skirmish Jedi Master Treetower was Knocked off the platform and was hung by his robes. Durring this moment Kiakisa strung his trap and trapped All of hope squad but lazz. The CIS general Then brought out Jedi Knight Morgana and held her a gunpoint. He gave Lazz the Choice to save only one group. While lazz was debating on what he should do. Jedi Mater Treetower had convinced Kiakisa to instead kill everyone and let him walk free and keep his slave operations. Lazz was forced to watch all members of his squad Die. Archanegl was slowly impaled by a commando droids vibrio sword. Onix was Ripped apart by B2 battle droids. Camelot was burned alive. and lazz was Drugged Into Shoting Morgana. After a few weeks a captivity due to the mental pain Kiakisa was trying to put onto lazz. Lazz was able to sneak away and get away. In the End HOPE Squad was disbanded, Jedi Master Treetower got away with all that he did, and Lazz never Got over that day, blaming himself for killing his Squad and his Love. From that day forth Lazz had a searing hatred for the Jedi and believed they where nothing but corrupt monsters. The Beginning of Empire When order 66 was enacted Lazz was tasked with Hunting down any remaining jedi and Destroying any type of remaining CIS forces. Lazz had Reinstated HOPE squad with a few new members, and was leading it. They went a many operations shutting down a large amount of surviving CIS factories and Hunting down Jedi. Lazz had grown a Very tight bond to any Imperial Commando and loved off of his brothers most of the time putting himself in harms way to avoid there deaths. Lazz was still Haunted by the Death of his former Squad members and his love, No matter what mission they went on he was disappoint due to the outcome, looking and waiting for his chance to make That Jedi Master and CIS General Pay for what they did. Later on lazz become more involved in leading. overlooking many IC squads creating a close bond to 2 other IC's named Drayton and America. Soon a Rebel General Started Targeting the IC, HOPE squad was sent in to take care of the menace but walked right into a trap. Bray had tasked his assistant to capture and take care of any high ranking IC, targeting Lazz and his team. But Lazz soon noticed the same work as before as the assistant to Bray was None other then Kiakisa, the man who killed Lazz pervious squad. HOPE squad came out with massive loss's Lazz being the only one to survive. Soon after Lazz had gotten a TIP that the Jedi Master Treetower was also working along side General Bray. Lazz had Convinced Drayton to make a squad and Hunt down Bray, Kiakisa, and Treetower so he could get his revenge and avenge his Fallen comrades and Rid IC of the menace that was targeting them. Currently As of now Lazz and Drayton are apart of a Elite IC squad Known as Eagle Squad, and are hunting down Bray and his Assistants Thanks for reading sorry its kinda but I like that stuff I guess.
  2. -1 Its Not hard to look where the questions are. where you posted this had the application format. Copying isn't cool at all
  3. -support - I see purge heavy's abuse there flash grenades already - The base HP would be around 600 HP due to the purge brawler having 500HP already (kinda OP as it is compared to other battalions) - I don't see why you would want to trade out a LMG basically for a Carbine if your going for a Heavy class -I don't understand why you need a 10% damage buff for the Z6, its already a good weapon, and other battalions use it just fine (AKA 501st) All around I just don't see why you need to make the class so much stronger. I get your battalion is to fight Jedi. But if another Sub class is beating out another, its most likely because that class just has OP stats, Idk how many times I just see a Burge brawler jump into hundreds of NPC's and come out unharmed. Maybe think about putting a Cap on how many of a Sub class you can have. Itll post the activity of that subclass as people in it dont wanna be removed, and will push other that are waiting for a spot to open to join another sub class.
  4. +/- Support Im trying not to be as bias as I can hence why I making this a +/- support but, This idea seams very good but also I can see why it wouldn't be accepted. One Problem with donator battalions is well... there Donator. From what ive gotten being a Vice commander of IC is a Lot of people are interested in joining donner battalions not for the fact there donator but because of the Roles and use pf the battalions themselves, many cant even get into them due to not having accesses to money or don't wanna Risk wasting there money. As a Vice commander of a Darth rank battalion I hear all the time for people asking if we could lower the price to Lord or they don't know if its a good it. a lot of the times donner battalions struggle to get a good foundation with a Command structure, for instance in IC Its hard getting Officer and NCO's alone. 90% of the people in IC use it as just a second life to get away from there Officer positions. activity in Donor battalions could also be very lackluster as many enlisted have other battalions there required to be in. With that said I can be quite hard to pick good and capable NCO's that will be active and loyal. If people earn a spot in a Donator battalion they'll want to stay active in it and want to do there best in it. But as a Donator battalion Officer, I can see why many would argue my points for supporting this, and why many would say im bias.
  5. +Support -Active -Very good officer -dedicated -Is involved with a lot of IC topics -Very Chill You are a Very good officer America. you constantly help me and scorch with setting up trainings, and helping us create new and interesting ways to grow IC. I hope this works out well -But you need to add a poll to your App, along with that change it to Imperial Commando Vice Commander Application, or at least Imperial Commando's Vice commander Fixer- if you don't do that, it may not end up too well.
  6. Wuv You Too Void (no homo) Ill Miss you bb
  7. Sad to see you go, you where there when I first joined and got me in to Scouts when there was no leader
  8. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : Sev [Lazz] 2. What Regiment are you applying for? Imperial Commandos 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? I love this branch and the people in it many in it I have become quite close to. I've been in the branch from the start, I've watched it struggle and I've done a lot to help it grow and I want to continue to help it grow a lot more. I want to prove to some people that doubt my leadership skills that I know how to lead properly. I want to ensure that this battalion is never in the position that it was when I joined (many didn't even know it was a thing when I started playing it) 4. How much game time do you have on the server? I have 2 weeks 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? A Commander's Purpose is to ensure That the branch is Growing and Running Smoothly. He does this by setting Up Correct Documents, having capable and well trained Officers and NCOs. Along with that A commander is a Leadership Figure, someone that people can look up to for advice or Good orders/Strategies. A Commander Should being putting in new systems and making a battalion a well oiled machine but at the same time making it fun and enjoyable. The Commander Must be making a stable battalion that if he where to disappear suddenly the battalion could run just as smoothly. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : I've Been 100% dedicated to Imperial commandos since I joined the battalion. I have made and reformed many of the Important documents used by the battalion such as the basic training document and the NCO training document. I'm both a Game Master and a Trail mod so I'm trusted and involved in many parts of the server. I've put in a lot of effort to ensure that the battalion is up to date, and well known for a good reason. 7. How often can you be Online? : Everyday for 4-7 hours 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : 0
  9. OMG +SUPPORT -Active AF -Very Good and skilled leader -Always Pushing for improvement -Chill and calm dude
  10. + Support -Active AF -Chill and Calm -Revived Shock -Done a lot to improve and help Shock -Pushed For New and better documents in Shock
  11. -Support - Not a very good Application -Your staff sit is very bare (don't even tell how you would deal with him just being mean) - You would Abuse your power as a GM and give A280's To the Scout Class in ST's for No reason - Don't Have Very Good Communication with other (not playing attention to other Gms as there setting up events, and just right up doing a Event)
  12. Im sorry to hear this Kev. I wanna say thank you for all you've done for IC. Although you had a short Run, It doesn't mean you didn't do great things. You gave us things to focus on. You are a legend, you've been in so many different battalions, your one of the most chill guys I know and you always had a way with words. Ima miss you b, Good luck at University